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Metrics details. Workplace health interventions incorporating qualitative and quantitative components mixed methods within a Participatory Action Research approach can increase understanding of contextual issues ensuring realistic interventions which influence health behaviour. Mixed methods research teams, however, face a variety of challenges at the methodological and expertise levels when designing actions and interventions.


Corresponding author: A G Mubuuku gmubuuke gmail. Health professions training is undergoing major innovative changes aimed at improving the quality of health professionals. Unfortunately many of these innovative changes in training have met resistance from lecturers and students simply because they are just imposed on them. One way of ensuring acceptability and success of innovative and evidence-based training methods in health sciences could be the use of participatory action research approaches. To explore the experiences of students and lecturers as well as identify potential benefits regarding the use of a participatory action research approach in a real learning context. This was an action research study using a participatory approach. Research findings.


Participatory action research PAR is an approach to research committed to democratic principles of justice and equality. It is an inclusive practice of research defined both by participation and a determination to produce knowledge in the interest of social change. While often regarded as simply a method, PAR is actually an epistemological stance that values knowledge produced from lived experience as equal to that produced in the academy and, in so doing, expands traditional notions of expertise. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology Edition.

Julie L. The goal of improving consumer welfare can subtly or dramatically shape the research process, the methods used, and the theories developed. This article introduces the participatory action research paradigm, which is based upon the goal of helping people and employs methodologies that are different from traditional consumer research. Exemplars of action research are analyzed to reveal applications for researchers who want to engage in transformative consumer research. The obstacles and opportunities for doing action research are examined. Most users should sign in with their email address.

Participatory research comprises a range of methodological approaches and techniques, all with the objective of handing power from the researcher to research participants, who are often community members or community-based organisations. In participatory research, participants have control over the research agenda, the process and actions. Most importantly, people themselves are the ones who analyse and reflect on the information generated, in order to obtain the findings and conclusions of the research process. Participatory research involves inquiry, but also action. People not only discuss their problems, they also think about possible solutions to them and actions which need to be taken.

Participatory Action Research

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Participatory approaches to research and evaluation intentionally include the people and groups who are most affected by an inquiry in the design and execution of the process.

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This snapshot of participatory action research is one of a series of CFCA resources on evaluation.

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PDF | This book, published as part of Routledge's Studies in Human Geography, is useful well beyond this discipline, as it provides a welcome.

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