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Download this as PDF. Experts believe that the history of the South Indian Kingdoms spreads over years.

Brief History of India

Download this as PDF. Experts believe that the history of the South Indian Kingdoms spreads over years. Southern India was considered to be undisputed in the ancient era by the invaders until the British entered this region. When historians talk about the history of South Indian Kingdoms, they will surely emphasize on three most important dynasties — Pandyan, Chola and Chera.

They initially ruled over their country, Pandya Nadu , from a seaport called Korkai , which was on the Southern-most tip of the Indian subcontinent.

Later on, they moved their headquarters to Madurai. Pandyans were famous for their contacts and diplomacy; in fact, they even had their contacts with the Roman Empire. The Pandyan Dynasty was revived under Kadungon in the early 6th century who hunted the Kalabhras out of Southern India.

The headquarters of the Chola rulers was the fertile valley of the Kaveri River. From there, they ruled a significantly larger portion of land in the later part of the 9th Century till the beginning of the 13th Century. Its economic and cultural power was also very notable and resonated in the works of literature of South Asia and South-East Asia.

The successful expedition of the Ganges by Rajendra Chola I was of great significance to the Chola Empire as it sent a very strong signal to the superpowers of the world. During the Mauryan Period, the Cheras and their counterparts the Cholas and the Pandyas exhibited high feats of economic, diplomatic and warfare tactics. Their flourishing trade with the Roman Empire and the cultural exchange with Northern India contributed to the state formation of the Cheras. They probably expanded their kingdom from the Kuttanad region present central Kerala to northwards Kudanad, Puzhinadu and eastwards Kongunadu.

The Chera Kingdom also had a famous seaport called Muziri s, which was central to all trade between the Middle East and the Southern Europe. Items that were exported to these regions were gems, pearls, timber, ivory and spices.

It is believed that the Romans built a Temple of Augustus at the Muziris. This was the evidence of foreign trade that could be seen all over the Malabar Coast, Karur and Coimbatore districts. So this was the detailed account of the History of South Indian Kingdoms. Click on the articles given below to know on more such General Awareness articles:.

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Our knowledge of the ancient world has been radically altered by impressive archaeological discoveries over the last two centuries. Yet, even during the nineteenth century British explorers and officials were curious about brick mounds dotting the landscape of northwest India, where Pakistan is today. A large one was located in a village named Harappa see Figure 3. A British army engineer, Sir Alexander Cunningham, sensed its importance because he also found other artifacts among the bricks, such as a seal with an inscription. He was, therefore, quite dismayed that railway contractors were pilfering these bricks for ballast. But the excavation of Harappa did not begin until , and neither the Archaeological Survey nor Indian archaeologists understood their significance until this time.

India has a very extensive history which has witnessed the rise and fall of various dynasties. Mahjanpadas BC — BC. The literal meaning is " great realm ", from maha, " great ", and janapada " foothold of a tribe ", "country". It is one of the sixteen kingdoms or oligarchic republics of Ancient India. Capital- Potana or Potali corresponds to Paudanya of Mahabharata. Capital City- Indraprastha Modern name Delhi. Expanded the dynasty Magadha Kingdom by annexing Anga and entering into matrimonial alliances with Kosal and Vaishali.

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Hindu empires rose to power following the birth of Hinduism in the Indian subcontinent. The Maurya Empire founded by Chandragupta , during the reign of Ashoka , was one of the largest empires in Asia, diplomatically engaging with Greece , Macedonia , Epirus , Cyrene and Egypt. Note: Kingdoms that acted as princely states to the British Empire are not mentioned except for the time period when they exercised sovereign control. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article possibly contains original research.

The three ancient Tamil dynasties namely Chera , Chola , and Pandya were of ancient origins. Together they ruled over this land with a unique culture and language, contributing to the growth of some of the oldest extant literature in the world. Invasion by the Kalabhras during the 3rd century disturbed the traditional order of the land, displacing the three ruling kingdoms. These occupiers were overthrown by the resurgence of the Pandyas and the Pallavas , who restored the traditional kingdoms.

General Awareness requires knowledge on many different subjects, one such subject is Indian dynasties and their Founders and Capitals. Especially for SSC exams the knowledge on History is tested. Please check out Some of the Previous Papers for the same.

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List of rulers of India

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List of Hindu empires and dynasties


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