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Metrics details. Unhealthy foods and tobacco remain the leading causes of non-communicable disease NCDs. These are key agricultural commodities for many countries, and NCD prevention policy needs to consider how to influence production towards healthier options. There has been little scholarship to bridge the agriculture with the public health literature that seeks to address the supply of healthy commodities. This scoping review synthesizes the literature on government agricultural policy and production in order to 1 present a typology of policies used to influence agricultural production, 2 to provide a preliminary overview of the ways that impact is assessed in this literature, and 3 to bring this literature into conversation with the literature on food and tobacco supply. This review analyzes the literature on government agricultural policy and production.

Agriculture in Nigeria

Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. The purpose of this study is to investigate whether corporate agriculture has any significant impact on rural development in Nigeria. Government alone cannot provide the needed jobs, but private investment in labour-intensive corporate agriculture can. It is imperative for the private sector to be encouraged by government policy to invest in the upstream and downstream agribusiness in Nigeria. The industry has a long history of corporate agribusiness and collaboration with similar industries in Germany, Australia, France, Italy, Newzealand etc. The wine industry has a large scale farming technology. It grows grapes, manufactures and exports first grade wine to several countries with lots of employment and poverty reduction drive.

Offered by Phatisa. Phatisa comprises a team with a significant track record of managing private equity funds and businesses throughout the continent. Loan, Equity Type. Primary agriculture encompasses arable land development, cereals and staples, dairy and livestock farming, aquaculture, fruit and vegetables, ranching, plantations and edible oils; especially produce for local consumption. Secondary agriculture includes maize and wheat milling, soya processing, sugar milling and refining, production of animal feeds, beverages and branded foods as well as packaging.

Historically Agricultural Land Has Outperformed The S&P Bonds And Gold. Sign Up Today.

Economic analysis of risks in fruit and vegetable farming in Osun state, Nigeria.

It is the main source of livelihood for most Nigerians. In the third quarter of , the sector grew by The largest driver of the sector remains Crop Production as it accounts for The Agriculture sector contributed

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A cash crop or profit crop is an agricultural crop which is grown to sell for profit. It is typically purchased by parties separate from a farm. The term is used to differentiate marketed crops from subsistence crops , which are those fed to the producer's own livestock or grown as food for the producer's family. In earlier times cash crops were usually only a small but vital part of a farm's total yield, while today, especially in developed countries and among smallholders almost all crops are mainly grown for revenue. In the least developed countries , cash crops are usually crops which attract demand in more developed nations, and hence have some export value. Prices for major cash crops are set in commodity markets with global scope , with some local variation termed as "basis" based on freight costs and local supply and demand balance.

Ending extreme poverty and hunger will be difficult without more investment and more innovative approaches. The outbreak of COVID has rapidly spread across the world, profoundly disrupting the fundamental activities that bring the global community together, including agriculture — and endangering all those who depend on it as their livelihood. In a rapidly changing world, agriculture remains the heart of sustainable development. The International Fund for Agricultural Development IFAD is an international financial institution and a specialized agency of the United Nations dedicated to eradicating poverty and hunger in rural areas of developing countries. Nowhere is the challenge of leaving no one behind more salient than in rural areas.

Association with Environmental Degradation. Although the climate in many regions of Africa is advantageous for growing a variety of fruits, the vast majority of it is consumed locally; only about five percent is exported. Key types of fruit and nuts exported are coconuts, cashews, citrus, grapes, pineapples, mangoes, apples, pears, fresh berries, and bananas. Production features of export fruit crops depends on the species in production. Coconuts, one of the top exported products, are produced for export primarily in Ghana and Tanzania.

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Sufficient intake of fruits and vegetables has been associated with a reduced risk of chronic diseases and body weight management but the exact mechanism is unknown.

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