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Vital Signs Quiz

Vital Signs Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. The health care worker who is responsible for taking vital signs is the a. A small after the temperature value indicates a. Body temperature is highest a.

Body temperature is closest to the core temperature at the a. Body temperature may be affected by a. The average oral Fahrenheit temperature is a.

Body temperature is most accurate when measured in the a. Which method would you select for taking the temperature of an unconscious patient? Oral c. Rectal b. Axillary d. Groin 9. You are assigned to take Mr. Lippincott's temperature orally every four hours. At AM it is At PM it is You should a. Lippincott's temperature to the nurse at once. What color is the dot at the end of the stem on a rectal thermometer? Red c. Green b. Yellow d. Blue The tympanic thermometer measures body temperature in the a.

The tympanic thermometer measures the temperature in a. If a patient has been drinking hot coffee, how long should you wait before taking the temperature orally? When measuring temperatures, use a. When taking a rectal temperature with a glass thermometer, a.

The normal rectal Fahrenheit temperature is a. The normal axillary Fahrenheit temperature is: a. The pulse is counted by a. The pulse a. Bradycardia is a. The character of the pulse is the a. The apical pulse is measured a. An apical pulse is checked a. The average pulse rate in an infant is a. The average pulse rate in an adult female is a. Stertorous respirations are a. Apnea is a. The average respiratory rate for adults is a. The site at which the pulse is most commonly taken is the a.

When counting the apical pulse, a. When counting respirations, a. Blood pressure depends on the a. The apparatus for measuring blood pressure is called a a. Blood pressure is usually measured over the a. When taking the blood pressure, the highest point at which sound is heard is called a. Hypertension is a. Hypotension is when the blood pressure is a. When reading a mercury blood pressure gauge, a. The blood pressure cuff should be applied a. When inflating the blood pressure cuff a. The lower bar of the upright scale is calibrated in increments of a.

When measuring the patient's height in bed, a. When weighing a patient on a wheelchair scale, a. When weighing a patient on a bed scale, a. The small lines on the upper bar of the balance scale indicate a. The long line between the even-numbered pounds on the upper bar of the balance scale indicates a. You are assigned to obtain the admission height and weight for Mrs.

This patient is ambulatory and her balance is good. Which scale will you use to weigh the patient? Upright scale c. Wheelchair scale b. Chair scale d. Tang weighs pounds. You will record this on the flow sheet as a. Seriya is 5 feet, 2 inches tall. Your facility requires you to chart the patient's height in inches. You will record Mrs. Seriya's height as: a. Body temperature normally varies 1 to 4 degrees during the course of the day. Body temperature is less stable in children than it is in adults.

An axillary temperature is the least accurate method of taking a temperature. It is not necessary to wear gloves when taking the temperature in the groin area. When you are disinfecting thermometers, you should wear gloves. Prior to disinfecting glass thermometers, rinse them with hot, soapy water to remove germs.

A patient should not be left alone with a thermometer in place. Breathing is partially under voluntary control. Slight irregularities in the character of the pulse need not be reported. The nursing assistant should write down the patient's TPR on a notepad and then transfer it to the patient's chart. Pulses can be felt in locations where large veins come close to the skin.

Pulse is usually taken by compressing an artery over a bone. If you are unable to feel the pulse at the wrist, assume that the patient is dead. The stethoscope diminishes sounds and external noises. Age, weight, and sleep can influence blood pressure readings.

Electronic blood pressure devices require the use of a stethoscope. Diuretics are given to increase the patient's urine output. On the upright scale, the patient's height is read at the fixed height of the ruler. The even-numbered pounds on the upright scale are marked with long lines. Each small line on the upper bar of the upright scale indicates 4 ounces of weight.

Matching Match each term to the statement below. Normal Celsius oral temperature Normal Fahrenheit axillary temperature Normal Fahrenheit rectal temperature Normal Fahrenheit oral temperature Blue tip. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search. User Settings. Skip carousel. Carousel Previous.

CNA Test Prep : Certified Nursing Assistant - Vital Signs Quiz

A study trialled a system called Patientrack that records vital signs electronically; this article discusses the results for patients and feedback from staff. Clinical observations are a key component of patient safety and essential for the early recognition of patient deterioration. The National Early Warning Score is used to identify, escalate and respond to deterioration. Electronic observation systems can play a vital role in ensuring both accuracy and compliance, and one study trialled a system called Patientrack on four pilot wards. Staff found the system easy to use and it increased compliance and accuracy; however, it required significant infrastructure and IT support to ensure successful implementation.

Vital Signs Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. The health care worker who is responsible for taking vital signs is the a. A small after the temperature value indicates a. Body temperature is highest a. Body temperature is closest to the core temperature at the a.

Vital Signs (Body Temperature, Pulse Rate, Respiration Rate, Blood Pressure)

Are you ready to get you learning on about the Vital Signs that all Respiratory Therapists must know? I sure hope so because that is what this study guide is all about. As an RT, checking the vital signs of your patient is something that you will do hundreds of thousands — maybe even millions — of times throughout your career.

Discover 15 secret strategies that will raise your score on any multiple choice exam regardless of the subject. John, a 78 year old man with Dementia has been assigned to you.

Taking Vital Signs – Nursing Practice Test Questions

Speak now. Do you know what vital signs are? If you are hoping to work in the medical field then this is one area that you need to know and understand! In case you need a refresher course on vital signs then get cracking and take our Vital Sign quizzes now! Take our Vital Sign quizzes; enjoy!

BoardVitals question bank activities are loaded with detailed explanations, reference materials, and evidence-based rationales to make learning and preparation more effective and more fun. Hesi exit 2 quizlet. Additional Nursing Flashcards. The normal vital signs are a heart rate above beats per minute, a breathing rate between 30 and 60 breaths per minute and the presence of red or pink coloring, active. Vital signs are measurements of the body's most basic functions.

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Baseline Vital Signs: Overview, Study Guide, and Practice Questions

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