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journal of camel practice and research pdf file

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Either your web browser doesn't support Javascript or it is currently turned off. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Box , Buraidah, , Saudi Arabia. The data used to support the findings of this study are included within the article. This review article is written to describe the results of ultrasonography of the kidneys in healthy camels as well as camels with some renal disorders.

Abdel Gadir Atif, E. Abdurahman, O. Relations between udder infection and somatic cells in camel Camelus dromedarius milk. Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica, 36 4 , — Ahmad, S.

SEPR offers a range of article types authors can choose from—research articles, review articles, communications, perspective essays, reflective essays, intellectual auto biographies, comments and rejoinders. The text of an SEPR research article is typically 6, or less words long this does not include references and appendices. An SEPR article of practice research can feature a follow-up study on the actual practical implementation and ensuing impact of the knowledge scholars generated explicitly for the real-world practitioners who were in specific needs under particular circumstances of ecological practice. Below are but a few pertinent research questions a follow-up study can aim to address. An SEPR article of practice research can also report an original research on how scholarly rigorous knowledge was generated that was directly relevant, immediately actionable, and foreseeably efficacious to the real-world practitioners who were in specific knowledge needs under particular circumstances of ecological practice; it further demonstrates how the high caliber scholarship built through the project can be enlightening and inspirational to scholars and practitioners from around the world who have interest in socio-ecological practice research. An authorship that consists of both scholars and practitioners is strongly encouraged. An SEPR article of applied basic research presents an empirical research that demonstrates, through experiment or case study, how the scholarly theories, scientific methods, and techniques developed by scholars of pure basic research can be made relevant to and actionable for the solution of problems real-world practitioners care about; recognizing the challenges this knowledge transfer process faces, it offers caveats as well as recommendations to practitioners pertaining to necessary measures of adaptation in actual use.

Zoonoses in the Arabian Peninsula

Australian Zoologist 1 January ; 35 2 : — Australia supports the largest population of free-ranging, one-humped camels Camelus dromedarius in the world. These feral camels originated and bred from camels introduced into Australia up to years ago. With estimated doubling of numbers every eight years, it is believed that in there may have been over one million feral camels. This has been associated with increasing negative impacts on desert ecology, cultural values and human enterprise.

Language: English French. Cryptosporidium is a ubiquitous enteropathogen protozoan infection affecting livestock worldwide. The present study was carried out to determine the prevalence of Cryptosporidium infection in different age groups of dromedary camels in northwestern Iran from November to July A total number of fecal samples were collected and examined using modified Ziehl-Neelsen MZN staining under light microscope. In adult camels the prevalence was 6.

The human population is rising and will soon reach 9 billion people. In parallel, the demand for animal protein is increasing and with it is the threat of zoonotic diseases. We must therefore be on our guard. The close association of people with animals promotes the opportunity for zoonotic infections and real danger may arise when animals are imported with no health background. Therefore, it is essential to implement strict import controls, and establish efficient quarantine facilities. Many viral, bacterial, and zoonotic diseases have been diagnosed on the Arabian Peninsula, either by isolating the pathogens or through serological surveys.

Journal of camel practice and research pdf file

Camelpox is a contagious viral disease of camels that occurs throughout the camel-breeding countries of northern Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Balamuru Camelpox is a contagious viral disease of camels that occurs throughout the camel-breeding countries of northern Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Balamurugan et al. The disease occurs more frequently and more severely in young animals and pregnant females. A CMLV-based vaccine is available, but it is not widely used and only calves more than 6 months of age are protected Duraffour et al. Since , there have been several attempts to infect animals others than camels with CMLV in order to define its host range.

Camelpox is a disease of camels caused by the Camelpox virus of the family Poxviridae , subfamily Chordopoxvirinae , and the genus Orthopoxvirus. It causes skin lesions and a generalized infection. The viral genetic material is contained in double stranded linear DNA consisting of , tightly packed base pairs. Two lateral bodies are found outside the viral core, and are believed to hold the enzymes required for viral reproduction.

Name: Camel Research pdf. Size: Kb. Format: PDF. The use of AI has been reported in camel, although insemination trials are rare.

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