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Hence, this classification is valid for both: DC generators and DC motors. This eBook of Electrical Machine-1 is very useful and can help you score really well during your exam. This makes two broad categories of dc machines; i Separately excited and ii Self-excited.

What is a DC Machine : Construction & Its Working

Electric motors play an essential role in almost every industry. Using the right type of motor with high-quality parts and regular servicing keeps your facility running smoothly and prevents damage to the endpoint equipment due to wear or power surges.

Gainesville Industrial Electric can help your company select the right industrial electric motors and parts for your applications. Electric motors are machines that convert electrical energy—from either stored power or a direct electrical connection—into mechanical energy through the production of rotational force.

The two major types of electric motors are:. Both AC and DC motors use electrical current to produce rotating magnetic fields that, in turn, generate rotational mechanical force in the armature—located on the rotor or stator—around the shaft.

The various motor designs use this same basic concept to convert electric energy into powerful bursts of force and provide dynamic levels of speed or power. While electric motors may differ from one design or type to another, many of them contain these parts and assemblies located from the center working outward :.

AC and DC motors are broad categories of motors that include smaller subtypes. Induction motors, linear motors, and synchronous motors, for example, are all types of AC motors. Each motor type has different advantages that make them best suited for different commercial and industrial applications. AC motors , for example, are flexible and easy to control. Some of their other advantages include:. AC motors are generally considered to be more powerful than DC motors because they can generate higher torque by using a more powerful current.

However, DC motors are typically more efficient and make better use of their input energy. Both AC and DC motors find application in processes and facilities in almost every industry. Some of the most common industrial applications for AC motors include:. We are also an authorized factory warranty center. For help selecting the right electric motor or industrial assembly for your application, contact us or request more information today to receive a quote.

A Guide on Electric Motors. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Types of Electric Motors: AC vs. AC Adjustable Speed Drive. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

dc machines book pdf

A commutator is a rotary electrical switch in certain types of electric motors and electrical generators that periodically reverses the current direction between the rotor and the external circuit. It consists of a cylinder composed of multiple metal contact segments on the rotating armature of the machine. Two or more electrical contacts called " brushes " made of a soft conductive material like carbon press against the commutator, making sliding contact with successive segments of the commutator as it rotates. The windings coils of wire on the armature are connected to the commutator segments. Commutators are used in direct current DC machines: dynamos DC generators and many DC motors as well as universal motors. In a motor the commutator applies electric current to the windings. By reversing the current direction in the rotating windings each half turn, a steady rotating force torque is produced.

Click here to watch the ac machine animation video (by Dr. Rosemizi) Generator. • Motor. Induction. Machines. • Generator. • Motor. DC. Machine. DC Motor.

Dc Machines Books

An electric motor is an electrical machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Most electric motors operate through the interaction between the motor's magnetic field and electric current in a wire winding to generate force in the form of torque applied on the motor's shaft. Electric motors can be powered by direct current DC sources, such as from batteries, or rectifiers , or by alternating current AC sources, such as a power grid, inverters or electrical generators.

The conversion of this mechanism is known as the commutator, thus these machines are also named as commutating machines. DC machine is most frequently used for a motor. The main benefits of this machine include torque regulation as well as easy speed.

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The construction of DC machine can be done using some of the essential parts like Yoke, Pole core pole shoes, Pole coil field coil, Armature core, Armature winding otherwise conductor, commutator, brushes bearings.

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In the present day world, electrical energy is generated in bulk in the form of an alternating current.

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Electric motors play an essential role in almost every industry.

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Ganesh chaturthi pooja vidhi in hindi pdf file download steal like an artist pdf

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are called field windings. ❑ The rotor contains the commutator and the conductors across which emf is induced. This part is called armature. DC Machines.

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