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basic atomic and molecular spectroscopy hollas pdf

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High Resolution Spectroscopy discusses the underlying concepts in the different branches of spectroscopy, especially in high resolution spectroscopy. The coverage of the book includes basic principles such as the quantization of energy, as well as the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with atoms and molecules; general experimental methods and features of instrumentation; and microwave, millimeter wave, and lamb dip spectroscopy.

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Basic Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy

ISBN paperback. The file will be sent to your email address. Michael Hollas is a retired university lecturer with many years of teaching and research experience. He has written over research papers. Modern Spectroscopy Hollas Solution Yeah, reviewing a book modern spectroscopy hollas solution could add your near friends listings.

Basic aspects of neuroimmunology as they relate to immunotherapeutic targets Present and future prospects. Basic Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy. Von J. Basic and clinical research What is the most appropriate weighting in a public investment portfolio. Basic and applied primatology.

[J] Basic Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy

This post may contain affiliate links. Here is my full Disclosure and Privacy Policy. Get this from a library! Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy covers only traditional, well-established topics. An atom consists of a number of negatively charged electrons bound to a nucleus containing an equal number of positively charged protons.

Spectroscopy is taught at many different levels within the general subject of Chemistry, Physics or Chemical Physics. Before writing the present text I had written two books on spectroscopy: High Resolution Spectroscopy is aimed at the postgraduate level, and Modern Spectroscopy is aimed at a fairly advanced undergraduate level. Both are referred to as Further Reading in association with the present book. The general level at which the Tutorial Chemistry Texts are aimed is that of the first or second year of a degree course in a British university. To introduce spectroscopy at this level is a considerable challenge. It was my policy during the writing of this book not to be influenced by any existing books including my own!

The main aim of this unique book is to introduce the student to spectroscopy in a clear manner which avoids, as far as possible, the mathematical aspects of the subject. It is thus intended for first or second year undergraduates, particularly those with minimal mathematics qualifications. After explaining the theory behind spectroscopy, the book then goes on to look at the different techniques, such as rotational, vibrational and electronic spectroscopy. It encompasses both high resolution structural and low resolution analytical spectroscopy, demonstrating their close interrelationship. The many worked problems make this book particularly appealing for independent study. Ideal for the needs of undergraduate chemistry students, Tutorial Chemistry Texts is a major new series consisting of short, single topic or modular texts concentrating on the fundamental areas of chemistry taught in undergraduate science courses. Each book provides a concise account of the basic principles underlying a given subject, embodying an independent-learning philosophy and including worked examples.

Back cover. J. Michael Hollas · Download PDF. Pages 3 - 4. Buy paperback £.

Basic Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy

Please try your request again later. Please try again. Published by Wiley. It covers rotational, vibrational, electronic, photoelectron and Auger spectroscopy, as well as EXAFS, and the theory of lasers and laser spectroscopy.

Basic atomic and molecular spectroscopy

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modern spectroscopy hollas pdf

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