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After investing money in a project a firm wants to get some outcomes from the project.

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Optimization of Risk and Return Using Fuzzy Multiobjective Linear Programming

After investing money in a project a firm wants to get some outcomes from the project. The outcomes or the benefits that the investment generates are called returns. Wealth maximization approach is based on the concept of future value of expected cash flows from a prospective project. So cash flows are nothing but the earnings generated by the project that we refer to as returns.

Since fixture is uncertain, so returns are associated with some degree of uncertainty. In other words there will be some variability in generating cash flows, which we call as risk. In this article we discuss the concepts of risk and returns as well as the relationship between them. A person making an investment expects to get some returns from the investment in the future. However, as future is uncertain, the future expected returns too are uncertain.

It is the uncertainty associated with the returns from an investment that introduces a risk into a project. The expected return is the uncertain future return that a firm expects to get from its project. The realized return, on the contrary, is the certain return that a firm has actually earned.

The realized return from the project may not correspond to the expected return. This possibility of variation of the actual return from the expected return is termed as risk. Risk is the variability in the expected return from a project.

In other words, it is the degree of deviation from expected return. Risk is associated with the possibility that realized returns will be less than the returns that were expected. So, when realizations correspond to expectations exactly, there would be no risk. Various components cause the variability in expected returns, which are known as elements of risk.

There are broadly two groups of elements classified as systematic risk and unsystematic risk. Business organizations are part of society that is dynamic. Various changes occur in a society like economic, political and social systems that have influence on the performance of companies and thereby on their expected returns. These changes affect all organizations to varying degrees. Hence the impact of these changes is system-wide and the portion of total variability in returns caused by such across the board factors is referred to as systematic risk.

These risks are further subdivided into interest rate risk, market risk, and purchasing power risk. The returns of a company may vary due to certain factors that affect only that company. When the variability in returns occurs due to such firm-specific factors it is known as unsystematic risk. This risk is unique or peculiar to a specific organization and affects it in addition to the systematic risk.

These risks are subdivided into business risk and financial risk. Mean-variance approach is used to measure the total risk, i. Under this approach the variance and standard deviation measure the extent of variability of possible returns from the expected return and is calculated as:. Correlation or regression method is used to measure the systematic risk. Return can be defined as the actual income from a project as well as appreciation in the value of capital.

The term yield is often used in connection to return, which refers to the income component in relation to some price for the asset. The total return of an asset for the holding period relates to all the cash flows received by an investor during any designated time period to the amount of money invested in the asset. In connection with return we use two terms—realized return and expected or predicted return.

Realized return is the return that was earned by the firm, so it is historic. Expected or predicted return is the return the firm anticipates to earn from an asset over some future period. Calculating the Effective Rate of Interest.

The risk-return relationship

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Why Zacks? Learn to Be a Better Investor. Forgot Password. Return on investment is the profit expressed as a percentage of the initial investment. Profit includes income and capital gains. Risk is the possibility that your investment will lose money. With the exception of U.

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Advisor Perspectives welcomes guest contributions. The views presented here do not necessarily represent those of Advisor Perspectives. The financial markets operate in cycles. A bull market is a period when prices are generally rising, whereas a bear market is a period when prices are generally falling.

The higher the risk undertaken, the more ample the expected return — and conversely, the lower the risk, the more modest the expected return. Risk refers to the variability of possible returns associated with a given investment. Risk, along with the return, is a major consideration in capital budgeting decisions. The firm must compare the expected return from a given investment with the risk associated with it. Higher levels of return are required to compensate for increased levels of risk.

Risk and Returns: Concept of Risk and Returns

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can at least minimize the costs. Risk and return involvement in sustainability: As Al Marar and Nobanee () showed in their article “Sustain.

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investment vehicles – bonds, real estate or stocks – offer the best risk-return ratio. The article has two parts. The analytical part is a review of.

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