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Download the Math of Storytelling Infographic. This week Jarie pitched Harold and Maude as a great example of an innovative love story.

A young man enters but we. We HEAR a record drop and begin playing. The feet pause there for a moment. A piece of heavy. The feet walk over to a chair by the wall.

Harold and Maude

Download the Math of Storytelling Infographic. This week Jarie pitched Harold and Maude as a great example of an innovative love story.

This cult favorite film was directed by Hal Ashby from a screenplay by Colin Higgins. Controlling idea: We need to be our true selves no matter how odd that might be or risk living a life that does not complete us. Jarie — Out of all the genres we deal with, the Love Story is the most popular.

There is something that grabs at us when we see a well done love story. Cue riding off into the sunset, bareback with long flowing blond hair, bare-chested. Although love stories are popular, the challenge lies in innovating the scenes so that the audience does not get board. You see this a lot in the Action genre since it usually has a love story sub-plot to add a bit of spice to the mix in between explosions, daring rescues, and classic on-lines.

For me, Harold and Maude sets the standard for innovative Love Story. For a writer, the soundtrack might not seem like something that can help your novel but the mood it creates is an important complement to the dialogue.

For any writer, having a soundtrack for your novel will make it easier for your characters to get in the mood. You can see this in several places in the movie e. Leslie — I approached my study of this story by asking, what is the nature of innovation?

I think of it as zigging in a satisfying way when the audience expects the story to zag. Here are some examples from Harold and Maude. Also, we see no shame expressed about their age difference in this story. One major engine of innovation is irony and this film is full of lots of great examples. I noted some interesting parallels to Fight Club , including the way Harold and Maude meet and the way it shows a culture that is out of touch with life lacking substance.

Anne — This is great analysis. This is a quirky film that you will either love or hate. Personal preference is irrelevant. Kim, however, thought it was hilarious. Yet when we analyzed it, we both drew the same conclusions and came up with the same feedback, which is this:. Harold finds meaning through his relationship with Maude. Jarie has outlined the obligatory scenes and conventions, but I disagree with his interpretation.

The only convention that the film fully explores is moral weight. This is the core event for the genre and must be present. In the proof of love scene, at least one of the lovers has to sacrifice something without any hope that the sacrifice will do them any good. Darcy sacrifices money and his social standing to help the Bennett girls without any hope that Elizabeth will change her opinion of him. By contrast, Harold has nothing to lose by marrying Maude.

Yes there is a series of expository shots of his uncle, psychiatrist and priest disapproving of the union. He never has. So, their disapproval is meaningless. To innovate means to present known information in a fresh, new way. Having the lovers break up because one of them committed suicide has also been done before in Romeo and Juliet and as such is cliche.

Yes, Maude does help Harold understand that life has meaning, as Leslie says, and Kim will talk more about that in a minute. In more recent years, Brokeback Mountain beautifully innovated the genre by using two lovers of the same sex.

Kim — So a couple things up front. Harold and Maude is a masterful example of a global Worldview-Education story. These stories are about a protagonist who finds meaning and significance in life, either for the first time, or after having lost that sense of meaning being disillusioned before.

Harold and Maude :. Then we look at Harold at the beginning of the story and at the end. How are they similar or different? And how do those similarities and differences demonstrate a change? What does that change signify? These are the subtleties that really bring a literary work to life and solidify your genre pattern to your audience using subtext.

This story feels like a masterwork for me on a lot of levels. Each character has distinct voice, and mode of being and dress. This story would be an interesting exercise to write the same scene from a different POV character.

What they notice and care about and how they perceive and interpret things would be completely distinct. One thing that would stay the same in any version of the scene is the dialogue. And what does that mean? If you aim to write global internal genres of any kind, I strongly encourage you to watch and study Harold and Maude.

Jarie — I disagree that Harold has nothing to lose by marrying Maude. He has a lot to lose since his controlling mother would certainly disown him as well as the shunning of society, which is not as big a deal to Harold as most. The argument that the lovers must reunite in a love story I disagree with, especially if the love story ends negatively, like Romeo and Juliet and Harold and Maude. I think this is another reason Harold and Maude is innovative — the negative ending yet you feel upbeat.

It did break the mold in that sense. In the case of The Graduate, the Mrs. Robinson love interest is an opposing force or even the triangle aspect and not the main love story. So the comparison is not exactly accurate but I see the point on how The Graduate uses the triangle between Benjamin, Elaine, and Mrs. Robinson as innovative. What I will say is that a lot of love stories do have a strong internal genre since one or both of the lovers go through a transformation.

I hate to be wishy-washy, but both teams have made a good case! Is Harold and Maude innovative? Or it is simply not a global love story at all? What do YOU think? Has the A-team made their case? Points to the B-team? Thumbs up or thumbs down? To wind up the episode, we take questions from our listeners. He says:. In Gone Girl , three different characters are identified as Hero, three as Victim, and two plus media, talk shows, reality as Villain.

Surprising that a successful story is so muddled in defining those roles. Would it be better to to use the Wrong Man genre? Anne — Roles and characters are not the same thing. If you have a question about the Love Story , or any other story principle, you can ask it on Twitter storygridRT, or better still, by going to storygrid.

Join us next time to find out whether Valerie can make the case that Waking Ned Devine i s a great example of Progressive Complications and the Power of Why not give it a look during the week, and follow along with us? Your email address will not be published. There adventures are epic. Ending Payoff — On her 80th birthday, Maude takes poison because living to 80 is enough. She dies and Harold learns the meaning of love and loss.

He is now free to experience life. Conventions: Triangle: Harold, Maude, and his mother. Helpers: The shrink trying to understand Harold. External Need: Harold needs to be loved for who he is. Opposing Forces: Society for one. Not to mention the mother as a big opposing force. From One Another: Maude wants to die on her 80th birthday. From Themselves: That love can take on any form.

Rituals: Harold and Maude love to attend funerals together. Moral Weight: Harold learns that he needs to be able to love and suffer loss. Obligatory Scenes: Lovers meet: At a funeral. The best part, neither of them know who died. They just like to go to funerals as a hobby. She then promptly throws it in the water. Lovers break up: When Maude takes the poison.

“It was a genius director and it was a genius actress and a genius script… It was a blessing”

The chemistry between the bright and lively presence of Ruth Gordon, who plays Maude, and the dark and innocent presence of Bud Cort, who plays Harold, has ensured the place of Harold and Maude as a cult classic, and perhaps one of the greatest love stories of our modern age. Its dark humour, contrasting soundtrack, and the undeniable love of its two protagonists has earned the film numerous awards, and has made it one that has stuck with audiences and filmmakers alike. Upon its release a lot of audiences were also offended by the dark humour, and were uncomfortable with the age difference between the lovers. The dark humour is also not for everyone and can sometimes be a little off-putting—so if watching someone commit several different styles of fake suicide seems like it might turn your stomach, then this film is probably not for you. Aside from the fun and upbeat music that sets the tone for much of the film, Harold and Maude remind audiences what true love really is. In truth, Maude can be the wake-up for anyone who is feeling like life has turned into the same routine and drudgery day after day. The film also illustrates a truth that is often forgotten—that love and connection are not subject to age.

Editor Roundtable: Harold and Maude

This article will be permanently flagged as inappropriate and made unaccessible to everyone. Are you certain this article is inappropriate? Email Address:. It incorporates elements of dark humor and existentialist drama, with a plot that revolves around the exploits of a young man named Harold played by Bud Cort intrigued with death.

The plot: Harold is a young man obsessed with death who hangs out at funerals to sate his curiosity about what happens when you die. The scene: Perhaps the greatest obstacle for Harold to overcome in the story is his relationship with his overbearing and domineering mother, Mrs Chasen Vivian Pickles , and this scene brilliantly articulates both his inability to stand up to her and the deleterious effect she has on him. In her desperation to find him a girlfriend, Mrs Chasen decides to sign Harold up to a dating agency, for which he needs to fill in a questionnaire. There are also some incredibly moving moments, not least the brief glimpse Harold sees of Maude, late on in the film, that silently and elegantly reveals the root of her determination to live life to the full.

The time of transition and adaption after the Paramount decree and the decline of the studio system in the s is what many film scholars refer to as the New Hollywood era. Geoff King describes with this term two versions of how the industry approached the difficult economic circumstances at this time New Hollywood 3. According to King, there had been a demographic shift and a greater cultural awareness of a new generation since the s As a result, this led to new forms of narrative and style, as well as more critical topics that were addressed in films within the studio system.

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Editor Roundtable: Harold and Maude

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Harold is the proverbial poor little rich kid. His alienation has caused him to Request license · Get the Script. Get an estimate.

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