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No Ac. An overdue cbarge of 5 Palse will be collected for eaoh day tbe book is kept overtime. It is what you can remember. All other history defeats itself This is the only Memorable History of England, because all the History that you can remember IS in this book, which is the result of years of research in golf-clubs, gun-rooms, green-rooms, etc.

1066 and All That

No Ac. An overdue cbarge of 5 Palse will be collected for eaoh day tbe book is kept overtime. It is what you can remember. All other history defeats itself This is the only Memorable History of England, because all the History that you can remember IS in this book, which is the result of years of research in golf-clubs, gun-rooms, green-rooms, etc. For Instance, 2 out of the 4 Dates originally included were eliminated at the last moment, a research done at the Eton and Harrow match having revealed that they are not memorable.

I The Editors will be glad of further assistance towards the elimination, in future editions, of any similarly unhistoncal matter which, despite their vigilance, may have crept into the text. They take this opportunity of acknowledging their inestimable debt to the mass of educated men and women of their race whose historical intuitions and opimons this work enshnnes Also, to the Great British People without whose VII self-sacrificing determination to become top Natior, there would have been no memorable history.

We look forward keenly to the appearance of their last work. For Middletoe read Mistletoe, P. For looked 4th read looked forth P.

William the. The Britons, however, who of course still used the old pronunciation, understanding him to have called them "Weeny, Weedy and Weaky," lost heart and gave up the struggle, thinking that he had already divided them All into Three Parts. The Romans also built towns wherever they were wanted, and, addition, a wall between England and Scotland to keep out the savage Picts and Scots. The PItts, or painted men. See supra, woad. While the Roman Empire was overrun by waves not only of Ostrogoths, 1 e g.

J Vizigoths and even Goths, but also of Vandals who destroyed works of art and Huns who destroyed everything and everybody, including Goths, Ostrogoths, Vizigoths and even Vandals , Britain was attacked by waves of Picts and, of course, Scots who had recently learnt how to climb the wall, and of Angles, Saxons and Jutes who, landing at Thanet, soon overran the country with fire and, of course, the sword.

It is essential to keep these distmctions clearly in mind and verce vlsa. Memorable among the Saxon wamors were Hengist and his wife? Hengist made himself Kmg in the South. The country was now almost entirely inhabited by Saxons and was therefore renamed England, and thus naturally soon became C. Among these were St Ive, Pancra, Wave of Sts. Bee, St Ebb, St Neot who invented whisky. Eggfroth, etc None of them, however.

After this the Danes invented a law called the Danelaw, which easily proved that since there was nobody else left alive there, all the right-hand part of England belonged to them. The Danish Conquest was. By this time the Saxons had all become very old like the Britons before them and were called ealdormen J' when they had been defeated in a battle by the Danes they used to sing little songs to themselves such as the memorable fragment discovered in the Bodleian Library at Oxford: 1 And, according to certam obstinate historians, the Sword.

In the Wapentake of Rye Four and twenty eaoldormen Two eaold to die. Anon The Danes, on the other hand, wrote a very defiant kind of Epic poetry, e g.

Wroth was Cnut and wrothword spake. Well wold he win at wopantako Fain wold he brake fnth and cracke head" And than they shold worshrppe his redes Swinged Cnut Cyng with swung sword Howled Wrtane helle but hearkened his word Mum. Alfred ought never to be confused with King Arthur, equally memorable but probably non-existent and therefore perhaps less Important historically unless he did exist There is a story that King Arthur once burnt some cakes belonging to Mrs.

Girth, a great lady of the time, at a place called Atheling. As, however, Alfred could not have been an Incendiary King and a Good King, we may dismiss the story as absurd. As they were all parfitly jealous Knights he had to have the Memorable Round Table made to have the Conferences at, so that it was Impossible to say which was top knight. He had a miraculous sword called Exgalahad with which he defeated the Danes in numerous battles In this he was also much assisted by his marine Inventions, including the water-clock and the British Navy.

The latter invention occurred as follows. He was called the Unready because he was never ready when the Danes were. Rather than wait for him the Danes used to fine him large sums called Danegeld, for not being ready. But though they were always ready, the Danes had very bad memories and often used to forget that they had been paid the Danegeld and come back for It almost before they had sailed away. By that time Ethelread was always unready again.

Edward the Confessor was with difficulty prevented from confessing to all these and many other cnmes committed in hIS reign, as he was in the habit of confessing everything whether he had done it or not, and was thus a Weak King.

Be bnght. Which came first, A. Be careful. Has It never occurred to you that the Romans cOlmteel backwards? Be honest. How would you have attempted to deal with a The Venomous Bead?

Be quick. What would have happened If a Boadrcca had been the daughter of Edward the Confessor? Does It matter? Have you the faintest recollection of I Ethelbreth? What have you the famtest recollection of?

Estimate the average age of I The Ancient Britons. Why do you know nothing at all about a The Laws of Infangthief and Egg-seism?

Would you say that Ethelread the Unready was directly responsible for the French Revolution? When William the Conqueror landed he lay down on the beach and swallowed two mouthfuls of sand. The Norman Conquest was a Good Thing, as from this time onwards England stopped being conquered and thus was able to become top nahan. This was called the Feutile System, and in order to prove that it was true he wrote a book called the Doomsday Book, WhICh contained an inventory of aU the Possessions of all hIS subjects jafter reading the book through carefully William agreed WIth it and SIgned It, indicating to everybody that the Possessions mentioned m it were now his.

Another very conquermg law made by Wilham I said that everyone had to go to bed at eight o'clock. Although in all these ways William the Conqueror r was a very strong king he was eventually.

Henry tried to console himself for hIS loss by eating a surfeit of palfreys. Stephen, however, Soon discovered that she had been malchristened, too, and was unable to say for certain whether her name was Matilda or Maud.

After this Stephen and Matilda or Maud spent the reign escapmg from each other over the snow in nightgowns while ' God and His Angels slept. According to Henry's reformed system a man was tried first by a jury of Ius equals and only had to plunge his head into the ploughshares afterwards in order to confirm the JUry's opinion that he had committed the crime This was obviously a much Better Thing.

The Combat was a system by which m civil cases the litigants decided their dispute by mortal combat, after which the defeated party was allowed to fly the country. But Henry altered all this and declared that a Grand Jury must decide first what the parties were fighting about: a reform WIDch naturally gave rise to grave discontent among the Barons, who beheved in the Combat, the whole Combat and nothing but the Combat. Belloc was therefore made a Saint and the Knights came to be called the Canterbury Pilgrims.

Shortly afterwards Henry died of despair on receiving news that his sons were all revolting. All this was not only pious but a Good Thing, as many of the people who were burnt, bricked, tortured, etc, became quite otherworldly. Nowadays people are not so pious, even sinners being de 6ied the benefits of fervent Religion. Whenever he returned to England he always set out again immediately for the Mediterranean and was therefore known as Richard Gare de Lyon. He had a A Wild KIng sword of enormous dimensions with which he used to practise cutting iron bars and anvils in half, whereas the Saladms had very sharp swords which were only useful for cutting cushions In half.

In spite of which the Crusaders under Richard never got J erusalern back: this was undoubtedly due to the treacherous behaviour of the Saladins. Blondin eventually round him by singmg the memorable song or " touralay " called "0 RIchard et mon Droit" " Are you right, there, RIchard? He was thus a Bad King. Indeed, he had begun badly as a Bad Prince, having attempted to answer the Irish Question1 by pulhng the beards of the aged Irish chiefs, which was a Bad Thing and the wrong answer.

In spite of the King's efforts to prevent It the Bull succeeded in landing and gave orders that John himself was not to be born or marry or die except in Church porches ; that no one was to obey him or stand hun a dnnk or tell him the right time or the answer to the Irish Question or anything nice. So at last John gave way and he and hIS subjects began once more to be born and to marry and to rue, etc.

That no one was to be put to death, save for some reason- except the Common People. That everyone should be free- except the Common People. That everything should be of the same weight and measure throughout the Realm- except the Common People.

That the Courts should be stationary, instead of following a very tiresome medieval official known as the King's Person all over the country. That" no person should be fined to his utter ruin "- except the King's Person. That the Barons should not be tried except by a special jury of other Barons who would understand. Having been unjustly accused by two policemen in Richmond Park, he was condemned to be an outdoor and went and lived with a maid who was called Marion, and a band of Merrie Men, in Greenwood Forest, near Sherborne.

Amongst his Merrie Men were Will Scarlet The Scarlet Ptmpemel , Black Beauty, White Melville, Little Red Riding Hood probably an outdaughter of his and the famous Friar Puck who used to Sit in a cowslip and suck bees, thus becoming so fat that he declared he could put his girdle round the Earth Robin Hood was a miraculous shot with the longbow and It is said that he could split a hare at paces and a Sheriff at He therefore spent his time blowing a horn and shooting at the Sheriff of Nottingham who was an outwit.

He always used to sound his hom first, particularly when shooting round a 28 AND ALL THAT corner; this showed his sportsmanship and also enabled him to shoot the Sheriff runmng, which was more difficult.

Robin Hood was also very good at socialism and often took money away from rich clergymen and gave Sheriff running. He died very romantically. This so confused the Londoners that they armed themselves with staves, jerkins, etc. Later, when he was in the Pope's Bosom, Henry further confused the People by presenting all the Bonifaces of the Church to Italians And the whole reign was rapidly becoming less and less memorable when one of the Barons called Simon de Montfort saved the situation by announcing that he had a memorable Idea.

The other Barons were, of course, all WIcked Barons. They had, however, many Important duties under the Banorial system. These were: I.

To be armed to the teeth. To extract from the Villein' Saccage and Soccage, tollage and tallage, pillage and ullage, and, in extreme cases, all other banonal arnemues such as umbrage and pan age.

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English pp Cite as. In some respects wrought great changes; in other respects, great changes occurred but can hardly be ascribed to the Conquest; in yet others, the most striking feature is not change at all, but continuity. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Advertisement Hide.

Written by W. Sellar and R. Raphael Samuel saw and All That as a product of the post- First World War debunking of British greatness, very much in the tradition of Eminent Victorians : [1] as he put it, "that much underrated anti-imperialist tract and All That punctured the more bombastic claims of drum-and-trumpet history". Both the Tory view of a 'great man' history, and the liberal pieties of Whig history are undermined in the work, in the then contemporary style of such serious historians as Namier and Herbert Butterfield. The book is a parody of the style of history teaching in English schools at the time, in particular of Our Island Story.

But Sellar and Yeatman focused particularly on Magna Carta. Today Magna Carta has become a world-class brand, representing human rights, democracy and free speech — despite the fact that the original document makes no mention of these principles. Choose Yes please to open the survey in a new browser window or tab, and then complete it when you are ready. Full title: and All That. A memorable history of England: comprising, all the parts you can remember

1066 and All That

One of the most well-loved and best-selling British humor titles of all time. The authors made the claim that "All the History you can remember is in the Book," and, for most Brits, they were probably right. But it is their own unique interpretation of events that has made the book a classic; an uproarious satire on textbook history and a population's confused recollections of it.

1066-And All That (1930)

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