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Free London travel maps

Imagine an alternative London, where you can catch a direct tube from Biscuit Town to the Leper Hospital. This is the tube map of Lost London, showing buildings, shops and physical features that were once well known but have now faded into history. Some losses are definitely for the best. Few would welcome back the public horror of Tyburn gallows, or the miserable Marshalsea Prison. Other losses are a cause of some regret: Euston Arch and the Astoria, for example.

Of course, we're barely scratching the surface. We've not included the Overground or DLR, and have limited the scope to roughly zone 1. A whole heap of buildings such as Watkin's Folly and the White City Olympic stadium are left out, and we don't have room to include all the important stuff lost from central London.

Aldwych Spur Holborn : One of London's many lost 'ghost' stations, Aldwych closed to passengers in , along with the short branch of track from Holborn. The station opens for occasional tours. Angel Inn Angel : The local tube station, wider area and Monopoly property are named after a now-vanished coaching inn, which occupied the busy crossroads site from the late 16th century. The present building did serve as a pub for a time, before being converted to a cafe. Today it's a Co-op bank, but the neighbouring Wetherspoon pub has appropriated the name The Angel.

Astley's Circus Waterloo : The world's first circus ring was pioneered close to what is now Waterloo Station. Astley's circus developed over a succession of increasingly impressive buildings during the late 18th century. It continued long after Astley's death and almost made it to the 20th century. Other lost buildings nearby include most of those constructed for the Festival of Britain , and the Lion Brewery , whose decorative felines can still be found on Westminster Bridge and Twickenham stadium.

Astoria Tottenham Court Road : The much-lamented gig venue was swept away in to make way for Crossrail. Many other buildings and businesses in the area, including parts of the 'Tin Pan Alley' music district, have also been expunged.

Barkers High Street Kensington : Kensington's most famous department store lasted from to It was founded by John Barker and James Whitehead, who would both become members of parliament. Its most recent building still stands. Baynard's Castle Blackfriars : A small fortress near Blackfriars, built not long after the Norman Conquest but demolished some time in the 13th century.

The name was later revived in a nearby mansion, used by the House of York during the War of the Roses. It was largely destroyed in the Great Fire of , though fragments remained for many years after. Bedlam Liverpool Street : St Bethlehem's Hospital , or Bedlam as it was commonly called, was in medieval times located near what is now Liverpool Street station.

It survived the Great Fire, but was nevertheless rebuilt in nearby Moorfields in the s. That building, too, is long gone. The hospital moved once again in to what is now the Imperial War Museum. Biscuit Town Bermondsey : Peek Freans' biscuit factory once dominated the area south of what is now Bermondsey tube. It closed in Many of the buildings remain, converted to office use.

Another nearby 'lost district' is Jacob's Island, a notorious nest of criminals that features in Dickens's Oliver Twist as a hideout of Bill Sikes. The slum was cleared in the midth century for warehousing. Bucklersbury House Mansion House : A sprawling s office complex , recently demolished.

The ancient course of the River Walbrook was found beneath, along with many important Roman artefacts. A new headquarters for Bloomberg, and a visitor centre showcasing the remains of the Roman Temple of Mithras have now been constructed on the site.

Catch-Me-Who-Can Euston Square : London's first passenger railway was just a showpiece, and only went round in circles, but Trevithick's engine was ahead of its time. His track was on the site of UCL, and ran three decades before trains came into nearby Euston station. Christ Church Lancaster Gate : This landmark church was largely demolished in , thanks to dry rot.

The spire still stands, but is cocooned in something brown, skeletal and unspeakable. Cripplegate Barbican : A long-lost gateway into the Square Mile, which gave its name to a wider area around what is today the Museum of London. It was bombed to smithereens in the second world war, and is now replaced by part of the Barbican estate. Diorama Regent's Park : The Diorama building still stands look at the roofline while passing along Park Square East and you'll see the name still painted onto the Nash Terrace , but its contents are lost.

Like the nearby London Colosseum see below , it housed impressively huge paintings, which would be cleverly illuminated for a paying audience who sat in a rotating auditorium. It opened in and closed in Dust Hill King's Cross : King's Cross is, of course, already named after a lost structure — an unpopular monument to George IV, which stood just 15 years, from to The area has many other lost features, however, including a smallpox hospital, a suspended railway and this delightful mound of dust.

Earl's Court Earl's Court : The name of this tube station remains the same on our map, to reflect the departure of the Earl's Court exhibition centre. The complex is being demolished to make way for a new housing estate. Many existing homes will also be removed. Euston Arch Euston : An imposing entrance piece for Euston station, torn down in during modernisation works, along with the Great Hall.

A campaign to rebuild the arch has received plenty of publicity, though we're not so sure. Flower Market Covent Garden : Covent Garden had served as a market for flowers, fruit and vegetables since the 17th century.

The logistics of supplying a central London market finally got the better of it, and the produce was carted off to Nine Elms in Watch Hitchcock's film Frenzy for a glimpse of the market's twilight. Most of the buildings were demolished in the early 20th century. The legacy lives on, however, with a children's playground and the nearby Foundling Museum.

Great Exhibition Hyde Park Corner : The south side of Hyde Park was the original location of the Crystal Palace, built to house a grand exhibition of the wonders of empire. The remarkable glass building was taken down the following year and rebuilt in Sydenham, giving its name to the wider area. Another 'lost' item at Hyde Park Corner is the monumental sculpture of the Duke of Wellington , which once perched on top of the arch. It was deemed preposterously oversized, and was shifted to Aldershot Barracks in , where it remains today.

It went through a number of rebuilds, but remained in continuous use until it was destroyed by enemy action in Grosvenor Basin Victoria : Victoria station is built on top of a large canal basin, which was appropriated in Staff still refer to one area of the station as 'the beach', a reference thought to hark back to its watery origins. At 12 storeys high, it was the tallest residential block in the country at that time.

Queen Victoria was reportedly miffed as it blocked her view of Westminster from the palace, and its looming presence led to new planning laws limiting tall buildings. It was demolished in to make way for the even more imposing Home Office building , now the Ministry of Justice.

The vast housing area at Elephant and Castle accommodated 3, people in imposing concrete blocks built in the s. The whole lot has now been demolished, to be replaced by modern housing much of it prohibitively expensive in a development known as Elephant Park. The Hippodrome lasted from to The market survived until the s, when it was swept away by Charing Cross station and the rail bridge which still bears its name.

It used to have three, with additional ornate buildings housing the Imperial Institute below. All but the one tower were cleared away in the s and 60s to build extensions to Imperial College. This featured over actual Japanese people doing actual Japanese things in a not-actual Japanese setting. This wonder of the age might have become a permanent fixture, but such was the demand for all things Japanese that the organisers instead decided to tour to Berlin. Here's a press cutting from The peculiar fakery was highlighted in an episode of the BBC's Sherlock.

It was pulled down in the s and the land is now partly occupied by the library. It was dedicated to St James the Less, hence the name of the later palace and wider area. Lime trees Queensway : Kensington Gardens, like so many London parks, was badly affected by the Great Storm of , losing around trees — many of them mature limes.

Its site is now occupied by the hula-hoopy Baltimore Tower , still under construction at the time of writing. It housed Thomas Hornor's panorama of London, said to be the largest painting in the world. It was demolished in Lord's Marylebone : The original cricket ground established by Thomas Lord and used by Middlesex Cricket Club occupied land around Dorset Square from to , when a dispute over rent forced the club to move.

It was knocked down in the mids to make way for No. The site had previously been earmarked for a Mies van der Rohe tower , equally contentious. Marshalsea Prison Borough : The setting for much of Dicken's Little Dorrit, this debtors' prison near Borough station also detained the novelist's father. It was largely demolished in the s, after debt ceased to be a prison-worthy offence. One of its walls still stands below, right , however, and can be found along Angel Place.

Here's a good history. Middlesex Hospital Goodge Street : The hospital closed in and has since been almost entirely demolished to make way for the Fitzroy Place mixed-use development. Peter Sellers and Rudyard Kipling both died here, don't y'know. Millbank Penitentiary Pimlico : A large prison designed on the principles of Jeremy Bentham, it lasted from to Its distinctive outline can still be traced in the layout of local streets, and a perimeter ditch survives.

The most distinctive and longest standing, was the medieval structure created in the 13th century and finally demolished in the s. Its replacement, designed by John Rennie, has also gone mostly Before it lost its spire, Old St Paul's was much taller than its successor. Pantheon Oxford Circus : Oxford Street's Pantheon below was an entertainment venue dating back to , with a central dome reminiscent of its Roman namesake.

The Lost London Tube Map

Historically, the tube map showed a section of the Thameslink route from Kentish Town to Elephant and Castle from July , when the route was operated by Network South East and was removed from Tube map in Areas appearing on the tube map for the first time thanks to the addition of Thameslink services include Bromley, Catford and Charlton in south east London and New Southgate and Cricklewood in north London. The addition of Thameslink also means a future Elizabeth line station has appeared on the map earlier or later if you prefer than expected, with Abbey Wood appearing for the first time. The addition of Thameslink also makes London south of the river look a lot busier with more mainline trains added to the tube map. It is however currently a temporary addition, primarily to improve transport during the current pandemic.

This up-to-date and easy-to-use London Tube map covers all nine travel zones, including zone 1, which covers central London. It also marks all stations which have step-free access, riverboat services, trams, airports and more. Your single must-have map when travelling across London. The easiest way to get around London is to use public transport. This Welcome To London leaflet includes maps for Central London Tube, bus and attractions, general information about which travel tickets to buy, as well as useful tips and suggested cycling and walking routes to help you make the most of your trip. Travelling by bus gets you around London quickly, easily and often quite cheaply. These handy maps show key bus routes in Central London and further afield, as well as night bus services and spider maps which detail exactly where every bus stop can be found.

The Lost London Tube Map

The tube map is kindly supplied by Transport for London. Commuter Rail Zones. And street maps of major MTR station are showed. London PDF Maps.

These PDF maps of London show in detail the center of the city with the top attractions and the nearest tube stations. The different versions are available here for free.. Afterward you will be able to use the file offline on your tablet or smartphone..

Imagine an alternative London, where you can catch a direct tube from Biscuit Town to the Leper Hospital. This is the tube map of Lost London, showing buildings, shops and physical features that were once well known but have now faded into history. Some losses are definitely for the best. Few would welcome back the public horror of Tyburn gallows, or the miserable Marshalsea Prison.

London Underground TUBE MAP

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Thameslink is back on the London tube map

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