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simple harmonic motion questions and solutions pdf

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If the period of the pendulum is , what is the length of the string? We have all of these values, allowing us to solve:.

The string vibrates around an equilibrium position, and one oscillation is completed when the string starts from the initial position, travels to one of the extreme positions, then to the other extreme position, and returns to its initial position. We define periodic motion to be any motion that repeats itself at regular time intervals, such as exhibited by the guitar string or by a child swinging on a swing. In this section, we study the basic characteristics of oscillations and their mathematical description.

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In this Periodic motion the restoring force is directly proportional to the displacement. The object oscillates between two position and Motion is sinusoidal in nature. Linear Simple Harmonic Motion when the object is oscillating along straight line. The restoring force should be proportional to the displacement from the mean position and acting towards means position. Angular Simple Harmonic Motion when the object is oscillating along circular arc. The restoring torque acting on the object is proportional to angular displacement from mean position and direction of torque is always in such a way that it will try to bring the object to the equilibrium position. A body of mass m is attached to the spring of spring constant k.

15.2: Simple Harmonic Motion

Simple harmonic motion , in physics , repetitive movement back and forth through an equilibrium , or central, position, so that the maximum displacement on one side of this position is equal to the maximum displacement on the other side. The time interval of each complete vibration is the same. The force responsible for the motion is always directed toward the equilibrium position and is directly proportional to the distance from it. A specific example of a simple harmonic oscillator is the vibration of a mass attached to a vertical spring , the other end of which is fixed in a ceiling. At either position of maximum displacement, the force is greatest and is directed toward the equilibrium position, the velocity v of the mass is zero, its acceleration is at a maximum, and the mass changes direction.

Questions: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Physics Simple Harmonic Motion Solutions. 1. A −kg particle moves as function of time as follows.

AP Physics 1 : Period and Frequency of Harmonic Motion

Simple harmonic motion SHM is a special case of motion in a straight line which occurs in several examples in nature. This is an example of a second order differential equation. We can easily check this:. We write the differential equation as. Hence, we have.

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