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Tool and Die Maker Interview Questions. There are 6 different sets of questions for this title. Top 4 Interview Mistakes.

What They Do : Machinists and tool and die makers set up and operate machine tools to produce precision metal parts, instruments, and tools.

Tool and Die Maker Interview Questions

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A tool and die maker makes, repairs and test dies, using jigs, fixtures, gauges, prototypes and precision measuring tools. They are some times knowledgeable in building moulds. They design and make parts to meet specific standards in dimensions and strengths within very close tolerances.

Working from blueprints, CAD designs, or even existing parts, a tool maker has the experience and knowledge to create precise parts for die building. Performing intense alignment and assembly of these parts to build a die to be able to create a part with such high accuracy and close tolerance. Operating machinery includes milling machines, lathes, grinding machines, drilling machines, saws, , EDM and boring machines.

Tool and die makers must also understand metallurgy, plastics and other composite materials. Tool and die makers may work in many different industry sectors including automotive, aerospace, research and development, medical, stamping or any other manufacturing plants. They may also specialize is design engineering, heat treating metals, building jigs and fixtures, die fabrication and quality inspection. There are high risks of injury working as a tool and die maker.

Working with moving machine parts, flying hot chips, sharp edges and extremely hot work pieces. Serious precautions are needed while working with chemicals and airborne substances. The tool and die maker trade is increasingly changing. Technology advancements in , automation and laser will further impact the trade in years to come.

There is no doubt that tool and die makers are needed for very specific tasks in die building, but some of these tasks are being taken over by technology and automated advancements. Tool and die makers will be needed for more specific production jobs and will be high in demand which will be an excellent high paying career choice.

There will always be a need for die building. Safe working practices and accident prevention are the primary importance to the health and safety of all person s at any or all work place environments. All person s including employee, employer and government, share this responsibility in order to keep everyone free of any dangers or accidents that may cause an individual s serious bodily harm or death. Health and safety has become a high priority in the workplace due to increased awareness of dangers and the identifications of hazardous materials.

Practicing health and safety is a tremendous contribution to a safe and accident free work place environment. Job Tasks. Builds jigs, fixtures and dies. Builds prototype. Completely builds, assembles, tests and runs dies in the press.

Heat treats materials. Operates drill presses. Operates grinders. Operates lathes. Operates milling machines. Operates saws. Plans machine operations. Reads and interprets blueprints and schematics. Tests jigs, fixtures and dies.

Tests prototypes. Allen keys. Critical Thinking. Decision Making. Oral Communication. Problem Solving. Reading Blueprints and schematics. Computer Knowledge. General Wages. What negative effect is caused by the inclusion of oxygen in copper alloys? The alloy becomes much heavier. The alloy becomes brittle at higher temp. The alloy loses all its ability to conduct electricity. The alloy becomes malleable and soft.

What powers the plunger that pushes the molten material into the mould cavity? An electric motor. A hydraulic plunger. A pneumatic plunger. Compressed air. During the development of a prototype piece part, what is determined by using a grid layout? What is the name given to the fixed amount of molten material pushed into the mould cavity during each production cycle? The parison.

The Pre form. The Charge. The Shot. How many possible planes of movement should a drill jig be designed to resist? Industry Changes The tool and die maker trade is increasingly changing. Safety Safe working practices and accident prevention are the primary importance to the health and safety of all person s at any or all work place environments.

The alloy becomes much heavier b. The alloy becomes brittle at higher temp c. The alloy loses all its ability to conduct electricity d.

The alloy becomes malleable and soft Ans. An electric motor b. A hydraulic plunger c. A pneumatic plunger d. Compressed air Ans. The parison b. The Pre form c. The Charge d. The Shot Ans.

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Tool and Die Maker Interview Questions

Downtown Milwaukee Campus, year one only. Oak Creek Campus, year one and year two. This is a four-semester, full-time, day program; the first two semesters are common with the one-year Machine Tool Operations program. During the third and fourth semesters, students learn how to build and sample basic stamping dies and plastic injection molds. This program features exploratory courses that count toward a credential. Contact an MATC advisor for information.

Innovation and collaborative, synchronized program management for new programs. Integration of mechanical, software and electronic systems technologies for vehicle systems. Product innovation through effective management of integrated formulations, packaging and manufacturing processes. New product development leverages data to improve quality and profitability and reduce time-to-market and costs. Supply chain collaboration in design, construction, maintenance and retirement of mission-critical assets.

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For the Winter semester, this program will be delivered entirely through remote learning. View delivery modes for all programs. Students go a long way in just 30 weeks, learning the most current practices in precision machining while earning a credential that employers respect.

Tool and die makers are a class of machinists in the manufacturing industries. Variations on the name include tool maker, toolmaker , die maker, diemaker , mold maker, moldmaker or tool jig and die-maker , or Fitter , depending on which area of concentration or industry an individual works in. Tool and die makers work primarily in toolroom environments—sometimes literally in one room but more often in an environment with flexible, semipermeable boundaries from production work. They are skilled artisans craftspeople who typically learn their trade through a combination of academic coursework and hands-on instruction, with a substantial period of on-the-job training that is functionally an apprenticeship although usually not nominally today. They make jigs , fixtures , dies , molds , machine tools , cutting tools , gauges , and other tools used in manufacturing processes.

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Jump to navigation Skip to Content. Training in Tool and Die, offered to graduates of the Machine Tool course or equivalent in training or experience, prepares the student for entry into the Metal Working industry. Instruction is offered on basic machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, and grinders, as well as on the most up-to-date machines such as electrical discharge machines, optical jig borers, optical jig grinders, digital readout machines, conventional O.

Tool and Die Maker


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while performing the job of a Tool & Die Maker (Press Tools and Jigs & Fixtures​) and machining work. Construct a Piercing & Blanking tool & test and verify the component. Semester – IV. MPG (Manual pulse generator). On machine.

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NTC/ NAC in the Tool & Die Maker (Press Tool, Jigs &. Fixture)/ TDM (Dies Dial test indicator – plunger type – range mm – graduation mm, reading.

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