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Top 16 Differences Between Oogenesis And Spermatogenesis (With Similarities)

Gametogenesis occurs when a haploid cell n is formed from a diploid cell 2n through meiosis. We call gametogenesis in the male spermatogenesis and it produces spermatozoa. In the female, we call it oogenesis. It results in the formation of ova. This article covers both oogenesis and spermatogenesis.

The male reproductive system is a series of organs and glands that produce sperm, fluids, hormones, and enable the ejaculation of sperm. The reproductive tissues of male and female humans develop similarly in utero until a low level of the hormone testosterone is released from male gonads. Testosterone causes the undeveloped tissues to differentiate into male sexual organs. Primitive gonads become testes; other tissues produce a penis and scrotum in males. In the male reproductive system, the scrotum houses the testicles or testes, providing passage for blood vessels, nerves, and muscles related to testicular function.

Human Reproduction

The difference between spermatogenesis and oogenesis is mainly due to the following factors like the process, occurrence and the product formed after gametogenesis. Process : The process of spermatogenesis and oogenesis is different, in which a former produce sperm cells from a spermatogonium and the latter produce ovum from an oogonium. Occurrence : Spermatogenesis occurs inside the seminiferous tubules of a testis, whereas oogenesis occurs inside the ovary. The sperm cells are the product formed in the spermatogenesis, which is flagellated, i. On the contrary, ova is the product produced from the oogonia, which are non-motile.

are the processes of formation of male and female gametes.

43.3C: Gametogenesis (Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis)

Steven A. Spermatogenesis is a long and complex process that, despite the shared overall goal of producing the male gamete, displays striking amounts of interspecific diversity. In this review, we argue that sperm competition has been an important selection pressure acting on multiple aspects of spermatogenesis, causing variation in the number and morphology of sperm produced, and in the molecular and cellular processes by which this happens.

Spermatogenesis and oogenesis are both forms of gametogenesis, in which a diploid gamete cell produces haploid sperm and egg cells, respectively. Gametogenesis, the production of sperm and eggs, takes place through the process of meiosis. The production of sperm is called spermatogenesis and the production of eggs is called oogenesis. Oogenesis occurs in the outermost layers of the ovaries. As with sperm production, oogenesis starts with a germ cell, called an oogonium plural: oogonia , but this cell undergoes mitosis to increase in number, eventually resulting in up to one to two million cells in the embryo.

Differentiate between spermatogenesis and oogenesis.

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