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hydrological modelling in arid and semi-arid areas pdf

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Irrigated agriculture is a key activity in water resources management at the river basin level in arid and semi-arid areas, since this sector consumes the largest part of the water resources overall. The current study proposes a methodology to evaluate the water footprint WF of the irrigated agriculture sector at the river basin level, through a simulation of the anthropised water cycle combining a hydrological model and a decision support system. The main difference from the approaches that have already been used is that the new methodology includes the limitations of the system for the exploitation of water resources where the irrigated areas are located, and it considers the hydrological principles governed by the law of continuity of mass. Water footprint accounting was carried out for the Segura River Basin South-eastern Spain , applying the methodology proposed and another that is usually applied. The results of the two methodologies were compared, revealing significant differences in the values of the WF, basically due to the blue component.

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Despite the high accuracy of the model, the lack of rainfall data at short time scales hour and less than hour restricted implementation of the model especially for long time simulations. Some studies use simple division for daily rainfall disaggregation into the hourly values to provide data requirements of HSPF model. In simple division, each rainfall event is divided into 24 pulse stochastically and the peak flows may not properly being simulated due to the lower rainfall intensities. In this study, random parameter Bartlett—Lewis rectangular pulse BLRP model was implemented to disaggregate daily rainfall time series into the hourly values and the results compared with that of simple division. The calibrated model was then implemented to disaggregate daily rainfall data into the hourly values. To compare two disaggregation approaches, daily stream flow simulation by HSPF model is initialized in 2 scenarios by applying the hourly rainfall data resulted from two disaggregation methods. The results indicated that while using the simple division method leads to the underestimation of peak flows, using the BLRP model improved peak flow simulations.

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Understanding of hydrological processes, including consideration of interactions between vegetation growth and water transfer in the root zone, underpins efficient use of water resources in arid-zone agriculture. Models can be categorized into three classes: 1 regional distributed hydrological models with various land uses, 2 groundwater-soil-plant-atmosphere continuum models that neglect lateral water fluxes, and 3 coupled models with groundwater flow and unsaturated zone water dynamics. This review highlights, in addition, future research challenges in modeling arid-zone agricultural systems, e. Please wait a minute Frontiers Journals. SWAT current capabilities and research opportunities in applied watershed modelling. Utilization threshold of surface water and groundwater based on the system optimization of crop planting structure [J].

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. Understanding the mechanism of complicated hydrological processes is important for sustainable management of water resources in an arid area. A new algorithm is proposed to calculate the curve of topographic index using internal tangent circle on a conical surface. Based on the traditional model, the improved indicator of temperature considered solar radiation is used to calculate the amount of snowmelt.

Arid and semi-arid regions are defined as areas where water is at its most scarce. The hydrological regime in these areas is extreme and highly variable, and.

Yuan, Y. Nie, AND E. Given the growing demand for water due to urban growth and the likelihood of decreasing precipitation due to climate change, water sustainability has become a dominant issue in the arid and semi-arid regions such as the Southwestern USA. In the arid and semiarid areas, it has been a great challenge to quantify the water resources due to limited access and monitoring systems on the land and limited capability of hydrological and water quality models to handle the unique hydrology associated with these regions.

Despite the high accuracy of the model, the lack of rainfall data at short time scales hour and less than hour restricted implementation of the model especially for long time simulations. Some studies use simple division for daily rainfall disaggregation into the hourly values to provide data requirements of HSPF model.

Rehana, G. Sireesha Naidu, N. Monish, U. Sowjanya; Modeling hydro-climatic changes of evapotranspiration over a semi-arid river basin of India. Journal of Water and Climate Change ; jwc

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This dissertation employs hydrologic modeling to assess probable impacts of changes in vegetation cover and in the channel network on streamflow and floodplain groundwater levels in the Baviaanskloof catchment, South Africa.

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