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Latest version View entry history. Monica McGoldrick, founder and director of the Multicultural Family Institute in Highland Park, New Jersey, is known in the family therapy field for her writing, teaching, and videos on issues of culture, genograms, gender, couples, remarried families, loss, and the family life cycle.

A genogram is a visual map of a family where relationships, medical history, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, and many other variables can be represented using symbols, colors, or lines. Genograms are constructed using standardized guidelines that enable a clinician or client to accurately portray complex familial structures, relationships, and patterns in a language that can be understood by many. Genograms are also flexible in that they allow for unique and uncommon variables to be represented visually when presented alongside a key indicating the designations. Genograms can aid in assessment and treatment when used in couple or family

Genograms: Assessment and Intervention

An updated, expanded edition of Norton's best-selling professional book on genograms. Over , copies sold. Widely used to train health and mental health professionals, the genogram is a graphic way of organizing information gathered during a family assessment and identifying Widely used to train health and mental health professionals, the genogram is a graphic way of organizing information gathered during a family assessment and identifying patterns in the family system. This popular text--updated and expanded to highlight new developments in genogram use--thoroughly explains how to draw, interpret, and apply the genogram.

Introduction to Genograms: A Social Work Assessment and Intervention Tool

Are you looking for some samples of Genogram Diagrams to understand and design your own? It is a special kind of family-based research displaced in a clear and easy to analyze diagrams and explain several physical, emotional, medical and physiological attributes across such families. It is far more detailed than the traditional family trees because it allows the users to visualize and analyze hereditary patterns across family lines and track possible sicknesses and diseases. Today, Genogram is very common in several fields like psychiatry, medicine, social work, genetic research and education among others. A Genogram is very effective in tracking the probability of having a family disease inherited or transferred to a person from a member of the family. To make the tracking and analysis of such traits easy, different symbols are used within a Genogram Diagram to show such traits and attributes.

A genogram also known as a McGoldrick—Gerson study , [1] a Lapidus schematic [1] or a family diagram [2] is a pictorial display of a person's family relationships and medical history. It goes beyond a traditional family tree by allowing the user to visualize hereditary patterns and psychological factors that punctuate relationships. Murray Bowen invented the concept of the genogram as part of his family systems model in the s. Genograms are now used by various groups of people in a variety of fields such as medicine , psychiatry , psychology , social work , genetic research, education , and many more. Few if any genealogists use them. A genogram is created with simple symbols representing the gender, with various lines to illustrate family relationships.

Add to cart. Norton, 3rd editon, explains how to draw and understand genograms. These families illustrate couple patterns, intergenerational relationships, siblings, secrets, and loss. Genograms have become widely used in medicine, counseling, psychology, social work, and the other health fields. The symbols and format are evolving as genogram software develops. Jack Medalie and colleagues and family therapists especially Dr. Murray Bowen and his followers.

Genogram in Couple and Family Therapy

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Genograms: Assessment and Intervention by Monica McGoldrick, Randy Gerson and Sylvia Shellenberger is an excellent resource for students and professionals seeking to understand the standard methods involved in creating, interpreting, and applying the genogram. First published under the name Genograms in Family Assessment in , the book was updated and republished in to include new developments in the field, and to better illustrate the diverse family forms and patterns emerging in society. Widely used by both family therapists and family physicians, the genogram is a graphic way of organizing the mass of information gathered during a family assessment and finding patterns in the family system.


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A genogram is a visual family mapping tool.

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