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Although the retail industry is transforming as technology continues to shape the consumer landscape, the primary goals of a sound retail strategy have not changed: Deliver value in the supply chain and create a unique customer experience. One way to do this is to design a digital and physical retail environment that captures the overtaxed attention of consumers today.

This study aims to find out how and to what extent outlets incorporate visual merchandising, that appeals to the customers and lead to a potential purchase. The survey method was followed to conduct the study and data were collected through sampling techniques from identified respondents, who were selected through convenient and judgment methods. The major findings in the light of the objectives of this project were that most of the stores need to have attractive window displays, proper stores layout, appealing visual merchandising themes to attract present and potential customers into the store.

Visual Merchandising, Third edition: Windows and in-store displays for retail

Show all documents Physical attractiveness of the store impresses customers highly for store selection 7. In the same way exterior of the store instigates customers to enter the store 8. There are three types of interior display: Merchandising display, Point-of-sales display and Architectural display 9.

In- store cues have always been prominal for practitioners and researchers 10, Good store interior interests customers and hence, reduces psychological defense and help purchase 12, 3, 13, 9, 14, and 8. Consumer expectation regarding in- store design have increased 17 and there is also a heightened desire for shopping excitement, which can in part be delivered through innovative design of the physical environment 19, Visual merchandising includes various aspects of consumer such as sensory pleasure, affective pleasure and cognitive pleasure Customers account both monetary and non-monetary costs of the merchandise Recreational i.

The longer a shopper remains in store more he or she will buy. And the amount of time the shopper. The Impact of Visual Merchandising, on Impulse Buying Behavior of Retail Customers Abstract: Visual merchandising has been over the years thought to be marketing tool in retail industries. The researchers embarked upon a study to find the impact of visual merchandising with reference to the retail sector.

For this they have taken the reliance trends as a case and has done an in depth study using its sample customers to find the impact of their buying behavior. The research was of a descriptive in nature and helped to develop the concept to clearly establish priorities, to divulge adequate information which the researchers feel will help in decision making for the company. A structured questionnaire was used to obtain information and to assess the impact of visual merchandising , on impulse buying behavior of customers.

A random sampling technique was used in the study and care was taken that the respondents were as diversified as possible. A sample size of respondents was taken from Cochin and Kottayam. To draw conclusions easily, the data was converted into XY Scatter diagrams. Research findings suggest that impulse buying accounts for substantial sales across a broad range of product categories in the stores.

Retailers can help customers to find the right products through focused merchandising , intelligent store design and layout, and other visual merchandising practices, such as product displays, packaging, and signage.

It is has also been found that all the four visual merchandizing factors affect the impulse buying behavior, but the effect of Promotional offerings at the entrance is comparatively very high. A greater importance should be given for visual merchandizing factors by retailers for differentiating itself from the competitors. Innovative and tactical journey within the business of fashion visual merchandising begins by reconnoitering in depth one of the most potential areas of design —communication.

The present study aims to find out the impact of visual merchandising techniques namely exterior display and interior display on women impulse buying behavior towards purchase of footwear. Store exterior includes window display, Seasonal displays, Related Merchandise Display, Promotional and institutional signage and Store interior display comprises of Product display, point of purchases displays, assortment display, and information or direction signage are considered as independent variables and impulse buying is considered as a dependent variable.

An investigation on the role of Visual Merchandising Displays in the promotion of traditional fabrics. An evidence from retailing the Asante Kente fabrics in Ghana The design of a retail environment is related to the store atmosphere creation Law, Wong, and Yip, Kotler defined store atmosphere as the quality of the surrounding space.

It is an important issue for inducing the desired affective response of consumers and aims to enhance purchase probability.

More specifically, atmospherics is an effort to design buying environment to produce specific emotional effects in the buyer that enhance his purchase probability Kotler, The impact of a pleasant store atmosphere is also positively related to customer satisfaction Spies, Hesse, and Loesch, Atmospheric stimuli which please the actual and emotional needs of consumers enhance the degree of consumer participation in a store , leading to favourable purchasing behaviours Wright, Newman, and Dennis, This process is often referred to as the visual merchandising communication process.

A great deal of communication between the retailer and the consumer takes place through the use of visual merchandising displays. Impact of Visual Merchandising on Consumer Behavior: A Study of Furniture Outlets The research design is divided into two parts, the first part is exploratory in nature and the second part is descriptive. In the exploratory study the visual merchandiser and marketing manager of the mall were interviewed to understand and find the dimensions of visual merchandising.

The study was intended to focus on the impact of visual merchandising in terms of furniture segment as a product category. The sample size of the research was The sampling technique was mall intercept method, customer who walk out of the store were surveyed with the help of structured questionnaire. Thus, sampling procedure is purposive sampling. Since likert scale is a continuous scale, reliability test, factor analysis, correlation.

It is well developed in western countries due to large percentage of organized retail. Most of the Indian retail is unorganized due to poor infrastructure facilities. Large retailers invest more on infrastructure and innovative techniques like visual merchandising. Creativity with visual eye, maintaining the store with good store atmospherics and clean itself fetches more customers inside the store and drive sales.

India is a changing market with more youth population. There are more cultural and regional differences in India which dissuade the retailers from adopting a single format for India.

Retailer has to localize according to region and culture. Retailers have to adopt the global design in Indian way. Customization in Indian way is necessary. The store should be designed in such a way that, the design should touch the heart of the customers. Brand messages in the retail outlets should be communicated through visual merchandising. Design, effectiveness and role of visual merchandising in creating customer appeal Sebastian asserts that traditionally visual merchandising was always associated with store windows and sales floor display with companies hiring specialists for efficient layout for of floor space for optimization of retail space.

In contrast, with the advent of internet and e-commerce in particular, retailers are grappling at choices to have separate online operations with own marketing, merchandising and fulfillment capabilities with profitable returns. The researcher opines that initial stages would not be very easy to ride for companies to begin with; but definitely the starters would have an edge for this structural change in their organization. This leaves us with a little doubt to imagine that there would be almost no creativity left in visual merchandising as a standalone.

On the other hand, in terms of online sales-commerce or m-commerce, visual merchandising might evolve in the digital world as a website designer complimenting the cross channel retailing or selling of retail products.

Visual merchandising aggravates the intentions of the consumers to purchase a particular product or service through various elements which include floor merchandising , window displaying, shop brand name and promotional signage Le, Le carries out a research which was based on the general hypothesis that there is a relationship between the impulse buying and online visual merchandising.

The findings revealed that people who would be prompted products over the website when they saw a calling deal. The manner in which the goods are advertised with the descriptions and favorable promotional deals could provoke the consumers to buy the goods even if they had not budgeted for. On the presentation bit, the participants pointed out that the website provided only the two- dimensional display rather than the three-dimensional display which would be more twist the mind of the consumers to make a purchase.

It was suggested that videos are one of the merchandising techniques to capture the attention of the buyers. The trend has nowadays been adopted by many companies as one of the effective strategies to facilitate impulse buying behavior. Additionally, the consumers would be encouraged the advertised goods and services if they view the creative audio-visuals that are provided via the websites.

Most of the websites will include the audio-videos which explains the purchasing procedure. In overall, the research respondents stated that desirable design , color, music and background would be appropriate to constitute the website environment. In store design : towards meaningful brand experiences in physical in store environments In order to serve both practice and theory, the two fields are very closely tied in this research.

For example, the problem analysis was not only accomplished by an academic review, but comprised a field study as well. This field study took place at various locations in the Netherlands and in the United States New York.

This study included over 20 interviews with various experts in the field of in- store communication, like store managers, brand managers, communication experts, retail architects, etc.

These interviews aimed to analyze how practice makes use of the in- store environment and to discover the main problems that should be solved in order to design in- store environments in the most successful way. This field study was matched with a literature review to explain what is going on in practice from an academic point of view. Spatial-sequential working memory in younger and older adults : age predicts backward recall performance within both age groups Regarding the potential for differential use of visuo-spatial sketchpad resources by younger and older adults, a targeted interference paradigm was additionally employed in the current study.

This was to assess the extent to which younger and older adults each rely upon the visual cache and inner scribe mechanisms when performing a spatial-sequential working memory task. As discussed above, one would predict that spatial processing would be employed throughout successful task performance and that a spatial interference task would therefore be disruptive to the span level achieved.

However, as current cognitive aging theory predicts less specialized cognitive processing with aging, and more generalized compensatory processing Reuter-Lorenz and Park, , it is possible that older adults may show a different pattern of interference effects than younger adults.

Indeed, Fiore et al. This was on the basis of greater age effects at early sequence items, in conjunction with intact recency effects in older adults. On the other hand, Jenkins et al. This research showed that, although capacity was reduced with aging, a visuo-spatial concurrent task tapping on individual colored locations was no more disruptive to older than younger adults.

However, note that the memory task in these studies was not spatial-sequential, and the interference task was not specific to disrupting either the visual cache or inner scribe components of the visuo-spatial sketchpad. Creating Value in the Entrepreneurial University: Marketization and Merchandising Strategies So, according to our analysis, 49 state universities carry out merchandising activities, which include only eight non-state universities and three higher education schools: It is a shocking finding.

More in detail, for what concerns the eight non-state institutions that carry out merchandising , our attention is mainly focused on three of them.

Indeed, there is one institution, the Bocconi University, that operates like American colleges, by dedicating resources and attention to merchandising and providing its students with branded sports clothing and equipment; then, the Cattolica University implements merchandising with the aim to offer several benefits to students, who can buy products or practice sport with discounted prices.

We can suppose that this institution has defined different priorities, probably on the basis of a wider resources availability. Finally, there is the Guglielmo Marconi University that currently does not implement merchandising , but declares the intention to start. As you know, many factors other than GPA should be considered in order to admit deserving students into our internship program. Having previously taught this student, you are in a position to help with the final decision.

Factors Affecting Saudi Consumer Trust in E commerce: A Quantitative Analysis One of the most important challenges faced by sellers and buyers in e-commerce is the trust issue.

Increasing customer trust in e-commerce has become an essential issue for continuity of e-commerce. In order to increase trust, it is better to identify factors influencing trust.

According to [9] they addressed three important factors influencing the level of trust between sellers and buyers in the online market. This level of trust includes security of online transaction processing systems, the privacy of personal information, trust and reliability of online vendors.

In [10] they more emphasized the importance of these factors. Also, [11] they clarified the importance of vendor reputation, perceived site quality as important factors. In addition, [12] studied 27 factors that play a major role in trust.

The Essential Guide to Retail Store Layouts that Shape the Customer Experience

In the last several years, marketers have learned a great deal about consumer behavior and how the shopping environment influences that behavior in casinos, restaurants, supermarkets, and shopping malls. Store Design By the time you are through reading this book you will have learned how shoppers navigate the store, how they search for prod- ucts, and how you can make them find the products you want them and Visual to see. Store Design and Visual Merchandising ble and fun by creating unique experiences for your shoppers. Claus Ebster is president of Market Mentor, a consulting company That Encourages specializing in marketing strategy, consumer research and store de- sign, and he is an associate professor of marketing and business Buying administration at the University of Vienna. His research has been published in a variety of academic journals. He has, for almost two decades, taught courses in store design, consumer behavior, mar- keting research and marketing strategy. As a consultant, he has ad- vised both retailers and service businesses on the effective use of store design and merchandising techniques.

Design, effectiveness and role of visual merchandising in creating customer appeal

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Store Design and Visual Merchandising

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Explore more content. Cite Download Version 4 Version 4 This research paper discusses the effects of visual merchandising elements of a retail store on consumer attention and customer loyalty. Visual merchandising has been one of the effective marketing strategies to show the ways that a retail store could do in order to entice its potential customers. The study focuses on the elements which are the store layout, window display, color and lighting, and store interior design, and how these influence on gaining sales of a store as well as consumer attention and customer loyalty. Simple random probability sampling technique was used in conducting this research, and an adapted questionnaire was designed to gather responses from respondents.

Top PDF store design and visual merchandising:

Visual merchandising is an activity and profession of developing floor plans and three dimensional designs to maximise the sales. It is an art of displaying the merchandise in an appealing way in order to attract the customers. Both goods and services can be displayed to highlight their features and benefits. It attracts the customers thus increasing the sales. It creates awareness in customer about the merchandise.

Show all documents Physical attractiveness of the store impresses customers highly for store selection 7. In the same way exterior of the store instigates customers to enter the store 8. There are three types of interior display: Merchandising display, Point-of-sales display and Architectural display 9. In- store cues have always been prominal for practitioners and researchers 10, Good store interior interests customers and hence, reduces psychological defense and help purchase 12, 3, 13, 9, 14, and 8. Consumer expectation regarding in- store design have increased 17 and there is also a heightened desire for shopping excitement, which can in part be delivered through innovative design of the physical environment 19,

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Chapter 9 Store Design and Visual Merchandising.

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Visual Merchandising in Retail Stores

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