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For many diseases, prevention is the best form of treatment, and few strategies for disease prevention are as effective as vaccination. Vaccination is a form of artificial immunity. By artificially stimulating the adaptive immune defenses, a vaccine triggers memory cell production similar to that which would occur during a primary response. In so doing, the patient is able to mount a strong secondary response upon exposure to the pathogen—but without having to first suffer through an initial infection. In this section, we will explore several different kinds of artificial immunity along with various types of vaccines and the mechanisms by which they induce artificial immunity.

SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in IBD: more pros than cons

Vaccination against the chicken pox virus prevents a painful rash common in older men, but it has limits. Shingles is a painful rash caused by the reactivation of the chicken pox virus varicella zoster that has lain dormant in the nervous system after a childhood bout with those itchy red bumps. Shingles triggers a skin rash that can be quite painful but usually settles down after a week to 10 days and heals over. A vaccine against shingles is widely available and is recommended for everyone 60 and older. Most men should consider getting the shot, but there are a few things you should know. One is that it may not work.

Current global vaccine and drug efforts against COVID-19: Pros and cons of bypassing animal trials

All medications and vaccines have potential risks that must be carefully weighed against the benefits that medications and vaccines offer to prevent illness. Vaccination is one of the most successful public health interventions in reducing disease spread, preventing complications and even deaths from vaccine preventable diseases. The success of vaccines in reducing disease should not suggest that vaccine preventable diseases are no longer a threat. Even though immunizations have significantly reduced vaccine preventable diseases, there were nearly 7, reports of vaccine preventable diseases in South Carolina in In fact the age groups with the highest rates of hospitalizations from the flu include those 0 to 4 years of age and those older than There have been 94 deaths from the flu reported in South Carolina during the current flu season. For example, the flu vaccine does not protect the elderly against catching the flu as well as it does in younger people.

Should Any Vaccines Be Required for Children?

COVID has become one of the biggest health concern, along with huge economic burden. With no clear remedies to treat the disease, doctors are repurposing drugs like chloroquine and remdesivir to treat COVID patients. In parallel, research institutes in collaboration with biotech companies have identified strategies to use viral proteins as vaccine candidates for COVID

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The global vaccine development effort in response to the COVID pandemic has been unprecedented in terms of scale and speed. Vaccine development has historically been a lengthy and expensive process. Due to these high costs and failure rates, development typically follows a linear sequence of phases, with multiple pauses built in for data analyses, safety profile assessment, and manufacturing decisions.


Immunization Awareness Month is upon us which means we wake up the sleeping beast: the debate for and against vaccination. But just try and read through all the medical mumbo jumbo on the web. Most parents are not doctors. We just want to understand what it is we need to know about immunization to make the right decision, for or against. How can you, as a parent without medical training, know which facts about immunization are true?

It either keeps microorganisms out or tracks them down and gets rid of them. However, some pathogens can overwhelm the immune system. When this happens, it can cause serious illness. Vaccinations are an important form of primary prevention. That means they can protect people from getting sick. Vaccinations have allowed us to control diseases that once threatened many lives, such as:.

Everything You Need to Know About Vaccinations

These manuscripts contain updated topics with a major clinical or conceptual relevance in modern medicine. The journal adheres to the standards of academic research publications in all aspects including peer-review and ethical principles. The Impact Factor measures the average number of citations received in a particular year by papers published in the journal during the two receding years. CiteScore measures average citations received per document published. Read more.

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