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Are you a graduate in mechanical engineering? Searching for a decent and fetching job?

Top Interview Questions.


Are you a graduate in mechanical engineering? Searching for a decent and fetching job? Are you a person with expert in knowledge of engineering applications? He is an engineer who is involved in execution and construction of the design produced by the pipe engineer. Piping is a system of pipes used to convey fluids from one location to another. He is the head responsibility for piping layout, stress analysis, piping procurement activities and hanger design.

You have a wide scope in this field as piping design engineer, lead engineer, piping mechanical engineer, associate design engineer, process piping engineer and so on. So, trace your path by looking into the piping design engineer job interview questions and answers. Question 1. Answer : What to handle, liquid, gas or powder, fluid nature, function, construction material, disc type, stem type, how to operate, bonnet type, body ends, delivery time, cost, warranty.

Question 2. Answer : Full port design and regular port design, according to type of seat, soft seat and metal seat. Question 3.

Answer : Single piece, double piece, three pieces, the short pattern, long pattern, sand witch and flush bottom design. Question 4. Question 5. What Are Butterfly Valve Types? Answer : Double flange type, wafer lug type and wafer type. Question 6. Question 7. What Are Non-slam Check Valves? Answer : Swing check valve, conventional check valve, wafer check valve, tilting disc check valve, piston check valve, stop check valve, ball check valve.

Question 8. Answer : In stem generation by multiple boilers, where a valve is inserted between each boiler and the main stream header. It can be optionally closed automatically or normally. Question 9. Where Diaphragm Valves Are Used? Answer : Used for low pressure corrosive services as shut off valves. Question What Is Bar Stock Valve? Answer : Any valve having a body machined from solid metal bar stock. Usually needle or globe type.

What Is Bibb Valve? Answer : A small valve with turned down end, like a faucet. What Is Bleed Valve? Answer : Small valve provided for drawing off liquid. What Is Blow Down Valve? Answer : Refers to a plug type disc globe valve used for removing sludge and sediment matter from the bottom of boiler drums, vessels, drip legs etc. What Is Breather Valve? Answer : A special self acting valve installed on storage tanks etc.

What Is Drip Valve? Answer : A drain valve fitted to the bottom of a droplet to permit blow down. What Is Flap Valve? Answer : A non return valve having a hinged disc or rubber or leather flap used for low pressure lines. What Is Hose Valve? Answer : A gate or globe valve having one of its ends externally threaded to one of the hose thread standards in use in the USA. These valves are used for vehicular and firewater connections. What Is Paper-stock Valve?

Answer : A single disc single seat gate valve slide gate with knife edged or notched disc used to regulate flow of paper slurry or other fibrous slurry. What Is Root Valve? Answer : A valve used to isolate a pressure element or instrument from a line or vessel, or a valve placed at the beginning of a branch form the header.

What Is Slurry Valve? Answer : A knife edge valve used to control flow of non-abrasive slurries. What Is Spiral Sock Valve? Answer : A valve used to control flow of powders by means of a twistable fabric tube or sock. What Is Throttling Valve?

Answer : Any valve used to closely regulate flow in the just-open position. What Is Vacuum Breaker? Answer : A special self-acting valve or nay valve suitable for vacuum service, operated manually or automatically, installed to admit gas usually atmospheric air into a vacuum or low-pressure space. Such valves are installed on high points of piping and vessels to permit draining and sometimes to prevent siphoning.

What Is Quick Acting Valve? Quick acting valves are desirable in lines conveying flammable liquids. Unsuitable for water or for liquid service in general with out a cushioning device to protect piping from shock. What Is Diverting Valve? Answer : This valve switch flow from one main line to two different outlets. WYE type and pneumatic control type with no moving part. What Is Sampling Valve? Answer : Usually of needle or globe pattern, placed in branch line for the purpose of drawing all samples of process material thru the branch.

What Are Blow Off Valve? Answer : It is a variety of globe valve confirming with boiler code requirements and specially designed for boiler blow off service. WYE pattern and angle type, used to remove air and other gases from boilers etc. What Is Relief Valve? Answer : Valve to relieve excess pressure in liquids in situations where full flow discharge is not required, when release of small volume of liquid would rapidly lower pressure.

What Is Safety Valve? Answer : Rapid opening popping action full flow valve for air and other gases. What Is Foot Valve? Answer : Valve used to maintain a head of water on the suction side of sump pump, basically a lift check valve with integrated strainer.

What Is Float Valve? Answer : Used to control liquid level in tanks, operated by float, which rises with liquid level and opens the valve to control water level. It can also remove air from system, in which case, air flows out of system in valve open condition, but when water reaches valve, float inside valve raises to close the valve and stop flow of water.

Used in drip legs. What Are Flush Bottom Valves? Answer : Special type of valves used to drain out the piping, reactors and vessels, attached on pad type nozzles. Answer : Valves with discs opening into the tank and valves with disks into the valve. Answer : Alternate connection of the two supply lines to a common delivery vise versa, isolating one safety valve, division of flow with isolation facility. Answer : Reversal of pump suction and delivery, By pass of strainer or meter, reversal of flow through filter, heat exchanger or dryer.

Answer : A plug valve with no plastic material, where grease is applied to contacting surfaces for easy operation. Answer : Regular pattern, short pattern and venture pattern. Answer : There is only one major difference between the two, B Popular Interview Questions. All Interview Questions. Piping Design Engineer Practice Test.

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Home Contact. Search box. What factors to consider for site selection? Ans : District classification, Transportation facilities, Manpower availability, industrial infrastructure, community infrastructure, availability of raw water, effluent disposal, availability of power, availability of industrial gas, site size and nature, ecology and pollution. What are different standards?

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Uncategories Basic questions asked in piping engineer's interview for reference. Answer: There is only one major difference between the two, B Based on Design Stresses in B In B There is a power plant inside a Process refinery.

Piping Design Engineer Interview Questions & Answers

A B What do you mean by following items? What is this item? What is the difference between stub in and stub on branches?

Basic questions asked in piping engineer's interview for reference

300+ TOP PIPING Engineering Interview Questions and Answers pdf

What is preferred location for drain? Must be located at the bottom section of drum. What are the steps in selection of valve? What to handle, liquid, gas or powder, fluid nature, function, construction material, disc type, stem type, how to operate, bonnet type, body ends, delivery time, cost, warranty. What are functions of valves? Isolation, regulation, non-return and special purposes. What are isolating valves?

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