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This book can take the place of several volumes of OSHA regulations, and having so much vital information compiled in one place makes it invaluable.

Occupational safety and health OSH , also commonly referred to as occupational health and safety OHS , occupational health , [1] or occupational safety , is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the safety , health , and welfare of people at occupation.

API is the worldwide leading standards setting body for the oil and natural gas industry. These include standards, guidelines, and recommended practices regarding safety, equipment, operations, effective water management, spill prevention and environmental protection. Many API standards and practices are incorporated into both federal and state oil and natural gas regulations and they are the most widely cited petroleum industry standards by international regulators. In our on-going effort toward continuous improvement of oil and natural gas operations and building on existing API standards and practices pertaining to oil and gas extraction, API has developed the following standards to assist the oil and gas industry in promoting personnel and public safety. The purpose of the documents is to recommend practices and procedures for promotion and maintenance of safe and healthful working conditions for personnel engaged in oil and gas development, including drilling operations and well servicing operations.

The Top 5 Occupational Hazards in the Oil & Gas Industry

Over , workers were employed in the oil and gas extraction and support industries in Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages. These workers are engaged in many different industrial processes needed to successfully drill and service a well. These processes frequently require the use of specialized equipment and specialized work crews. From to , oil and gas extraction workers were killed on the job Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries. Safety and health hazards and dangerous conditions that can result in fatalities for oil and gas workers include:. The information and resources provided on this web page can help workers and employers identify and eliminate hazards in their workplace. The web page introduces applicable OSHA regulatory requirements, as well as industry standards and guidance aimed at identifying, preventing, and controlling exposure to hazards.

API Occupational Safety and Health Standards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA keeps records not only of the most frequently cited standards overall, but also within particular industries. The most recent statistics from OSHA reveal the top standards cited in the fiscal year for the oil and gas extraction industry. Such activities may include exploration for crude petroleum and natural gas; drilling, completing and equipping wells; operating separators, emulsion breakers, desilting equipment and field gathering lines for crude petroleum and natural gas. Description of Violation. Cited Standard Number. Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals — Preventing or minimizing the consequences of catastrophic releases of toxic, reactive, flammable or explosive chemicals. Hazard Communication — Properly transmitting information on chemical hazards through a comprehensive program, container labeling, SDS and training.

OSHA staff work with various alliance groups to promote a safety and health culture across Wyoming. Current alliances include:. The goal of this Alliance is to promote, communicate, educate, and train employees and employers to ultimately reduce the fatality and injury rate within the Construction Industry. WCSA general membership consists of 90 construction companies operating in Wyoming. This Alliance is accomplished through our consultation program.

Occupational Health and Safety Considerations in Oil and Gas Extraction Operations

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Hundreds of thousands of people work in oil and gas extraction in the United States; 1 ensuring their health and safety is a major concern for employers, regulators, trade associations, industry groups, and local communities. From to , more than 1, workers were killed in oil and gas extraction operations, a fatality rate six times higher than the average rate for all U. Silica dust clouds from delivery trucks loading into sand movers at a hydraulic fracturing site. Inhalation of this silica is a major hazard associated with oil and gas operations. While fatal work injuries have been well studied, less is known about other health hazards.

Author: Karen B. The onshore oil and gas industry has experienced rapid growth in upstream extraction production, in part due to the use of hydraulic fracturing fracking in unconventional wells. Although hydraulic fracturing is not a new process, its use has increased significantly in the past decade with the introduction of horizontal drilling and multistage fracking technologies. With the rise in production has come an escalation in risks of occupationally related injury, illness, and fatality.

The agency recommends that employers conduct a hazard assessment to identify whether and how often workers may be in close contact i. The good news for the oil and gas industry is that OSHA does not anticipate a very high or high risk of exposure. Regardless of the exposure risk level, OSHA advocates that all workers in the oil and gas industry wear cloth face coverings.

2019 OSHA's Most Frequently Cited Standards: Oil and Gas Extraction

Improper safety management in the oil and gas industry is not a small oversight and has many impacts. This occupation has many potential health and safety threats, but with hyper-vigilant management and well-trained employees, these threats can be largely mitigated in any working environment. In order to mitigate this, it is important for staff to understand the potential health and safety risks. Additionally, it is important for them to know what processes and occupational safety regulations are in place to prevent these incidents by following OSHA standards. OSHA reports that nearly 4 out of 10 workers killed in oil and gas are killed due to highway vehicle accidents.

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OSHA violations, and you'll see they are not exclusive to the oil and gas industry. Motor vehicle safety and electrical safety – in particular regarding arc flash.

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OSHA Issues COVID-19 Guidance for the Oil and Gas Industry

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Connected Safety Insights

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Oil prices are soft, with many companies facing budget constraints and cuts.

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OSHA InfoSheet (Publicaton ), (). Industry Profile: Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Servicing (PDF). OSHA. Provides information for SIC Code Industry.

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The agency recommends that employers conduct a hazard assessment to identify whether and how often workers may be in close contact i.

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