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As there was no office established at that time, both officers worked from home.

Loxton Research Centre

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The chapter numbers in this book correspond exactly with the numbers in the textbook, which explains why this book has no content to its Chapter This book therefore contains no problems relating to the material of that chapter.

Some chapters of the textbook contain more problem-solving related objectives than others, and because of that some chapters of this book contain more problems than TS. The problems contained in this book have been chosen to serve one or more of several purposes. A third purpose is to use a problem and the wording of its solution to clarify a point which I consider potentially confusing in the textbook.

An occasional fourth has been to high! Do not expect to find a direct parallel to each question posed here in the self-assessment questions in the textbook, Most of these questions will prove more challenging than those in the textbook, not only because somte require you to integrate different aspects of the textbook material, but because they have been designed ta require you to think about how to apply the theary to the specific problem in hand.

The solutions to the questions are fully worked, and, where necessary, contain explanations of why the approach taken to obtain the solution is the most appropriate. They even, occasionally, contain some teaching where it has seemed appropriate or necessary. Having said all that, it is also true to say that all the theory and method required to solve these Problems is contained in the textbook. Regrettably, owing to lack of time and access to at the right time, the solutions given here have not been so checked.

If you deci to check them and find any please do not hesitate to point them out to me via the publishers so that future readers can have the benefit of more fully tried and tested solutions. From time to time this book refers to figures in the textbook, and this oceasionally creates a potential for confusion between figures in this book and figures in the textbook.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all figure references in problems and their solutions are ta figures in this book, not the textbook. Greek symbols are listed after English ones. The values of constant quantities are given. Chapter 1 i Current d. Chapter 3 A Voltage transfer function phasor operator dimensionless 1 Current phasor ampere , 0 eee or ve Y Admgance phasor operator Z Impedance phasor operator ohm phi Phase angle radian Chapter 4 A, Low-frequency voltage gain of an amplifier dimensionless.

AY Voltage gain of an amplifier phasor operator dimensionless G Low-frequency closed-loop gain of a feedback amplifier dimensionless G Closed-lbop gain of a feedback amplifier Operator dimensionless faa Equivalent input noise current of an amplifier ampere Iy Input bias current of an amplifier ampere lio Input offset current of a differential amplifier ampere Tea Equivalent input noise current of an amplifier r.

Hence calculate the voltage across a 1 KO load resistor. Figure 1. Hence calculate the current through a I kM. Confirm that the answers obtained in parts a and b are compatible. Using any appropriate method, calculate the voltage across resistor Ry in the circuit of Figure 1. Assume that the full-scale deflection voltage is still 10 V. The meter coil resistance is.

Assuming that negligible error exists in the meter, what will be the meter reading? Hence deduce the current that will flow in a load resistance: of Calculate the voltage across the current source. Redrawing the figure gives the arrangement of Figure 1.

In this case, Vy will be exactly one-half of the voltage Vj in Figure 1. What is the time constant of the circuit? What will be the: voltage across the inductor 0.

A transformer has a prit Coil having tams and two secondary coils, coil having tums, weit havine a0 tome is connected to a V, 50 Hz a. What will be the input resistance of the primary of the transformer, and what is the total power taken from the source? The mean square value is simply V4? If the meter is calibrated to indi 1. Thus a mean value of V volts would be indicated as V multiplied by 22, ie.

When the waveform of Figure 2. This will be displayed by the meter as 1. Since, for the square wave, the actual r. Question 2. Figure 2. Signals, wavetorms and a. The mean square value can be found by integrating over the first half cycle, since the symmetry means that the second half-cycle will have the same mean square value as the first. The rms.

One complete cycle is represented by 23 samples taken at 1 ms intervals. HE 0 40 0 MO Figure 2. Signals, waveforms and a. Hence, r. When the switch is moved back to position 2, the capacitor voltage is 15 V, but the total e. As the capacitor charges, its voltage falls, so that the magnitude of the resistor voltage also falls.

The time constant of the discharge is therefore CR2. Removing C gives Figure 2. Lake 15ko fe o Figure 2. For the circuit of Figure 3. P Show that the voltage transfer function of the circuit of Figure 3.

Also calculate the phase difference between the output voltage and the supply voltage. Phesor analysis of a. Gi What is the amplitude of the output voliage when the supply voltage has amplitude 10 V and frequency 10 and what is its phase relative to the supply?

A buffer am amplifier faving a g a gain of 10 and zero phase shift over the of frequencies of interest is placed between the output of the network of Figure the input of the network of Question 3. Sketch the om ins approximation to the Bode gain plot of the whole network, clearly labelling both axes. Questions: 3. Whats the voltage transfer function of the amplifier?

Whatis the voltage transfer function of the complete network? Figure 3. Phasor analysis of ac. Question 3. Method 1 treats the circuit as a voltage divider having two impedances Z and Z2 as shown in Figure 3. The straight line approximation Bode plot of the voltage transfer function is shown in Figure 3. Compare this with the generalised Bode plot shown in Figure 3. This is in accordance with an intuitive examination of the circuit, where at low frequencies the reactance of the capacitor is very large, and the input impedance is simply the series combination of the two resistors.

This again accords with intuitive reasoning which says that at high enough frequencies the capacitor becomes a short circuit, so that the input impedance is simply R1- At intermediate ies, the way in which the impedance changes can be found by plotting the variation of Zin, with angular frequency.

Under this condition, Vo will be zero whatever the frequency of the supply voltage. Vo will also be very small at very low frequencies aw zero when the numerator becomes much smaller than the denominator, and at very juencies approaching infinity when the of term in the denominator becomes much larger than the w term in the numerator.

Be ii If Vois not zero, the output voltage will be in phase with the supply voltage when 1 - o TT2 is zero. The total phase angle of the voltage transfer ratio is then zero. Since o must be a positive quantity, the required value must be equal to the positive root.

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Loxton Research Centre

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There are many books in different-different paper which can be download easy way without any charge. Mathematical Method of Physics 1. Mathematical Physics— H.

Joseph Loxton Rawbon arrived in Canada during the intense commercial and industrial growth of the Victorian era. A colourful character with bombastic flair, his numerous enterprises, however limited in their success, exemplify the boundless optimism of the Industrial Age and open a small window onto the history of Toronto's early cultural development through to the Second World War. Remarkably, Rawbon believed that, like his artist's stretchers and other inventions, the restoration of paintings held a key to the making of a fortune. Problems and Solutions in Electronics

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