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This book synthesizes two decades of interdisciplinary research on complex interactions between a global conservation icon the giant panda and people, as well as its applications to human—nature interactions and sustainability across local to global scales. Guided by the coupled human and natural systems framework, an international team of natural and social scientists has conducted intensive and integrated studies in Wolong Nature Reserve in China since Wolong lies within a global biodiversity hotspot and is home to the world-famous endangered panda.

'Of Pandas and People': A Brief History of the Original Intelligent Design Textbook

Surprisingly enough, Of Pandas and People , the original creationist textbook intended for public schools, starts off pretty well. The very first paragraph is a quote from astrophysicist and science communicator Carl Sagan. The book's sensible beginnings end abruptly here, however. As Carrie Poppy notes at the Skeptical Inquirer , the authors of Pandas snipped Sagan's quote before the crux of his message:.

The diverse and mutually contradictory answers offered demonstrate that few of the proposed solutions have been correct. Sagan was pointing out that unscientific explanations for deep and enduring questions are almost always false. This key omission was the first of many in Of Pandas and People. For the vast majority of the book's pages, the creationist authors spin facts, twist quotes, use oversimplified analogies, and leave out key details in order to support the idea of "intelligent design," a euphemism for creationism.

Their go-to tactic is doubt, and they go to great lengths to set up a scenario where intelligent design is the only alternative to evolution, effectively turning any evidence against evolution into evidence for intelligent design. This is a classic argument from ignorance. For example, as Poppy pointed out , in numerous instances the authors draw attention to gaps in the scientific record for evolution, like missing evidence for the evolution of blood clotting, or scientists' inability to synthesize life in the lab, or the lack of a fossil showing a fish with legs.

In the years following the book's publication in , scientists filled all of these information gaps. That's the problem for people making arguments from ignorance — over time, science tends to make us less ignorant. As you can probably guess, scientists have widely panned the textbook or ignored it entirely, finding its intelligent design arguments to be incredibly unintelligent.

Interestingly, "intelligent design" actually first appeared in Pandas. The Foundation for Thought and Ethics, a Christian non-profit, was already crafting the book when the Supreme Court gaveled oral arguments in 's Edwards v. Aguillard case, using terms like "creationist" and "creationism" widely throughout. But when the Court ruled that creationism could not be taught in schools, the authors of Pandas removed all mention of it and substituted in "intelligent design.

Published for the first time in , the book sold tens of thousands of copies over the next fifteen years, but never gained wide prominence in its target market: public schools.

Dozens of school districts considered the book, but almost all rejected it. Local controversies played out in Florida, Idaho, California, Kansas and many other states until they culminated in a national controversy in October The Dover Area School District of York County, Pennsylvania voted to teach intelligent design in biology courses alongside evolution, with Pandas serving as the textbook.

The issue reached the U. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania a year later. A group of parents argued that including intelligent design violated the Establishment Clause.

Judge John E. Jones III agreed, and Pandas was removed. Since that case, Pandas, along with its publisher, the Foundation for Thought and Ethics, have gradually dwindled to obscurity. The organization actually shut down in While creationism and intelligent design have been openly thwarted in public schools, their proponents are now advancing more innovative ways to challenge the teaching of evolution.

In Florida, residents are now permitted to challenge what educators teach students and suggest alternatives. In South Dakota, the senate passed a measure effectively encouraging teachers to question established scientific theories. Luckily, that bill later failed. Biology teachers in the U. By Ross Pomeroy January 11, Show comments Hide Comments. You must be logged in to comment.

Of pandas and people : the central question of biological origins

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Of Pandas and People

Surprisingly enough, Of Pandas and People , the original creationist textbook intended for public schools, starts off pretty well. The very first paragraph is a quote from astrophysicist and science communicator Carl Sagan. The book's sensible beginnings end abruptly here, however.

They present various polemical arguments against the scientific theory of evolution. Before publication, early drafts used cognates of "creationist". After the Edwards v. Aguillard Supreme Court ruling that creationism is religion and not science, these were changed to refer to "intelligent design".

Don’t Call it “Darwinism”

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Presents the scientific rationale for intelligent design as an alternative to Darwinism, from origin of life series, biochemistry, genetics, homology, and paleontology. This supplemental biology textbook provides an index, glossary, references, suggested reading, and resources to help facilitate understanding of the material. Enhanced by the use of diagrams, charts, illustrations, and color pictures, this is an excellent overview of the evidence for intelligent design. Name required :. Mail will not be published required :. This topic is empty.

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Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. Panda conservation in China has been plagued by controversy and cultural and political differences. But international cooperation, together with new studies identifying the main threats, offer renewed hope for the species' survival.

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Pandas, people and policy

10 Astounding Moments in a Creationist Textbook: Revisting Of Pandas and People

The Foundation for Thought and Ethics, the non-profit which once published the internationally controversial textbook Of Pandas and People , has quietly closed its doors. The financially-struggling organization was completely dissolved some time in early , and its titles have been absorbed by the notorious Intelligent Design group, The Discovery Institute. Note: Origins of Life is not taught. Sagan, who openly doubted the existence of God, nevertheless wrote such elegant prose about the nature of the universe, that even the creationists had to co-opt it. The diverse and mutually contradictory answers offered demonstrate that few of the proposed solutions have been correct. Of course, Gould was not questioning whether evolution happened, but whether a particular school of evolutionary thought was accurate. He later clarified that he had spoken too strongly.

Adopt an animal today and help protect some of our most endangered wildlife and support other vital work around our planet. We need your help to give rangers the strength and safety they need, and to tackle poaching and demand for products like ivory. Join us and you can help stop the illegal wildlife trade and tackle other threats facing our natural world. The giant panda's distinct black-and-white markings have two functions: camouflage and communication. Most of the panda - its face, neck, belly, rump - is white to help it hide in snowy habitats.

Although the Supreme Court of the United States has never developed a single clear test for determining what kinds of state action violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, schools that attempt to teach or introduce intelligent design as a purportedly scientific alternative to evolution likely fall afoul of the First Amendment's commands. Under the Court's most relevant precedent, Edwards v. Aguillard, teaching intelligent design violates the Establishment Clause because, among other things, there is an enormous disconnect between the purpose of teaching intelligent design and its effect. Moreover, public school teachers do not possess any First Amendment right of academic freedom to disregard the clear instructions of a school principal or district not to teach or introduce intelligent design in their classrooms. The only court to consider the issue so far answered with a resounding yes Kitzmiller v. Dover , but since its decision lacks precedential authority outside a very small area in Pennsylvania, the question is still a live one. It is hard to say with any certainty what some other court might do if faced with another challenge to an intelligent design policy.

(FB2) Of Pandas & People – 9780914513407

In addition to these symptoms, children may become moody or irritable, experience anxiety attacks, or show concerns about separating from parents or loved ones.

Evolutionary biology owes much to Charles Darwin, whose discussions of common descent and natural selection provide the foundations of the discipline. But evolutionary biology has expanded well beyond its foundations to encompass many theories and concepts unknown in the 19th century. And how is it used? At best, the phrase is ambiguous and misleading about science. At worst, its use echoes a creationist strategy to demonize evolution.

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Pandas and People: Coupling Human and Natural Systems for Sustainability

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Of Pandas and People: The Central Question of Biological Origins is a controversial (2nd Article available from Universiteit Gent; ^ Pigliucci, Massimo (). "Science in the Courtroom: The Case against Intelligent Design" (PDF).

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