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This essay seeks to establish if we must accept this conclusion by evaluating whether objections to the FRA can be morally justified.

Peter Singer: You've got to give till it (almost) hurts

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Ethics and Extreme Poverty: An Interview with Philosopher Peter Singer

In , the Australian philosopher Peter Singer made up a story about a drowning child. It was short and simple — a couple of sentences to illustrate a point in an essay about wealth, poverty and charity. Singer didn't give the child a name or gender: he or she was simply a hypothetical toddler whom a hypothetical passerby could choose either to rescue at the cost of muddy clothes or leave to drown. The question Singer then asked was whether you , as the passerby, would stop to save the child. You probably think you know the answer, but hold that thought for a moment. Half a century later, Singer's toddler is still busy drowning in the service of practical ethics. Singer invokes the scenario in lectures at Princeton University where he's a professor of bioethics, in celebrity debates, in media interviews.

Behind much of the discussion about globalization is a deep ethical concern. People are rightly worried about the impact of globalization on human well- being and the natural environment. And people who work in public health are especially worried about its impact on the health of those who are least advantaged, who often have the shortest life expectancies and the greatest burden of disease. In his new book, Peter Singer examines some of the ethical issues involved. He devotes one chapter to climate change, first summarizing, in a very concise and fair way, the scientific evidence on global warming.

Moral Responsibility for Global Poverty

What is a human life worth? You may not want to put a price tag on a it. But if we really had to, most of us would agree that the value of a human life would be in the millions.

Singer 2. Pogge 2. Miller 2. Development Aid 5.

Look Inside. It also begins with an alarming fact: that in this age of spectacular scientific advances, it is still those who live in the developed world—mainly the west—who overwhelmingly benefit from our enormous new power to combat disease and enhance food, while those in the developing world are far more likely to die for lack of basic health care and inexpensive nutrition. As personalized medicine, designer drugs, and high-quality nutrients become more readily available than ever in the richest parts of the world, distinguished doctors Abdallah Daar and Peter Singer urge us to pause and ask these vital questions: Who will have access to the life-enhancing advances of biotechnology? And who are these advances ultimately meant to help? In this challenging, controversial, thought-provoking, and humane book, Daar and Singer inspire us to look more deeply at our new science, and at the revolution that is already changing all of our lives.

Poverty, demographic growth, and birth control : a critique of Peter Singer's ethical perspective on the relationship between rich and poor. ISSN

An investigation of P. Singer’s, T. Pogge’s and D. Miller’s theories

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Can Objections to Singer’s ‘Famine Relief Argument’ be Morally Justified?

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The Grandest Challenge

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