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Metal Forming pp Cite as.

Open Die Forging vs. Closed Die Forging

Metal Forming pp Cite as. Open die forging is a term currently finding favour to describe the oldest metal working process used by man and which for many centuries has been referred to simply as forging. However, in latter years there has been an increasing need to distinguish it from its counterpart, closed die forging, in which the desired product shaping is obtained by compressing stock between tools containing suitable impressions and which completely enclose the piece at the end of deformation.

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Open Die Forging | Difference Between Open and Closed Die Forging

Forgings are popular in a variety of industries. Construction machines, agricultural machinery, automotive, and oilfield equipment all use forgings in some capacity. When it comes to forgings, there are two main types : open die and closed die. The open die forging process involves deforming a piece of metal between multiple dies that do not completely enclose the material. Products formed through this type of forging often need secondary machining and refining to achieve the tolerances required for the finished specifications.

In open die forging, the billet is placed between multiple dies that do not enclose the metal entirely. Closed die forging process, is also referred to as impression die forging. It utilizes high pressure to compress the metal piece to fill an enclosed die impression for required shapes.

Closed-Die Forging Vs. Open-Die Forging

Forgings are classified in various ways, beginning with the general classifications open die and closed die. They are also classified according to how they are made; such as hammer upset forgings, ring-rolled forgings, and multiple-ram press forgings; and in terms of the close-to-finish factor or amount of stock that must be removed to satisfy the dimensional and detail requirements of the finished part. In addition to types and classifications, the article discusses critical design factors and ways to ensure that the resulting forgings measure up to metallurgical, mechanical property, and dimensional accuracy requirements.

Impression die forging pounds or presses metal between two dies called tooling that contain a precut profile of the desired part. Parts from a few ounces to 60, lbs. Some of the smaller parts are actually forged cold. Commonly referred to as closed-die forging, impression-die forging of steel, aluminum, titanium and other alloys can produce an almost limitless variety of 3-D shapes that range in weight from mere ounces up to more than 25 tons.

Reach Out to Canton Drop Forge for Closed-Die Forgings

The Closed-Die Forging also referred to as impression die forging, is a metal forming process in which a workpiece that has been previously heated to a high temperature is pressed by means of countermoving form tools forging dies. The heated raw material which is approximately the shape or size of the final forged part is placed in the bottom die. This metal forming process is able to produce the most desired shapes and more importantly offers the toughness and strength to products is being widely used for all industries including aerospace, power generation, defense, oil and gas, construction and engineering. Closed die forging is the most widely used forging method. The high temperature during hot forging enables the highest possible level of material deformation and the access to complex 3D geometries.

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When it comes to contorting and deforming metal, there are multiple techniques that involve die forging. Two of these techniques are open and closed-die forging. While both utilize the same basic processes of heating and deforming metal with calculated force, they differ when it comes to the actual die plates themselves. Open-die forging , also known as free forging or smith forging, is the process of striking a hammer to deform a piece of metal, typically placed on a stationary anvil. Another approach is to use compression to press the metal between simple dies.

Forging is the process of shaping metal through the application of force.

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