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Please note that this product is not available for purchase from Bloomsbury. This collection of essays argues that acts of translation connect intimately with formations of the self and issues of individual or cultural identity; that in contexts in which languages, literatures and cultures meet, we also encounter 'translating selves': ways of thinking, practices and understandings, creativity and experiences that re define the translating consciousness and literary translation. Chapters investigate the relationships between self and translation, from the realities of multilingualism to cognitive processes in the course of translating, to relations between writers and translators; from the creativities of self-translation to the transposition of conceptions of self across cultures and traditions.

Translation Studies

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Access options available:. Jeanne J. Comparative Literature: A Critical Introduction. Oxford UK: Blackwell Publishers, At the Southern Comparative Literature conference, James Rolleston made a remark that cast some light on our field's recent history.

Indian Journal of Comparative Literature & Translation Studies

Because Comparative Literature is dedicated to the examination of literature and other texts from an international perspective, an understanding of the processes and theories of translation is in many ways at its very heart. Literature, art, culture, and ideas do not develop in isolation but draw upon, for example, other works of art, historical movements, political views, religious beliefs, and cultural concepts from near and far. The study of Comparative Literature explores this process of cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary translation as well as the interlingual translation that makes such examinations possible. While Comparative Literature encourages the study of texts in their original languages, most researchers and students of Comparative Literature rely upon translated texts for at least some portion of their scholarly inquiry. Comparative Literature examines translation as an interpretive act central to the history and practice of literary study. Many theories of translation derive from scholars who also work in Comparative Literature, and indeed, at many institutions, Comparative Literature and Translation Studies are housed within a single program.

Comparative Literature Studies

Standing at the forefront of innovative work in literary, theoretical, and cultural studies, comparative literature is one of the most exciting fields in the humanities. As a discipline it requires exceptional linguistic ability, theoretical knowledge, and high intellectual caliber. The UCLA program offers students the opportunity to work with faculty members in any of the language and literature departments as well as with the Department of Comparative Literature faculty. The department, which is interdisciplinary and multilingual in scope, is committed to continuing its pioneering work in defining new literary paradigms and fostering new directions for exploration in literary studies, including such areas as the relationship between translation and transnationalism, literary theory and emerging media, the future of national literatures in an era of globalization, gender and sexuality studies, East-West cultural encounters, human rights and global censorship, postcolonial and diaspora studies, and experimental approaches to literature and culture. Focusing on elements that preoccupy literary studies in general, such as genre, period, theme, language, and theory, comparative literature also extends its range to questions that concern other disciplines such as anthropology, art history, film and media studies, gender studies, history, and philosophy.

Translating Selves

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The Comparatist

It focuses on different areas of research relating to Comparative Literature and Translation Studies. Papers focused on concept and theory of Indian Literature, Comparative Literature, Translation and World Literature are highly appreciated for open issues. Submissions are accepted throughout the year. IJCLTS is interested in publishing interviews of persons associated with literature, translation, publishing or any other field related to literary studies. Papers are selected for publication only after passing through a blind peer review process. Contributors will receive email intimation about acceptance of the contribution.

Comparative Literature Studies publishes comparative critical articles that deal with works in two or more languages, and which may range across the rich traditions of Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America, and that examine the literary relations between East and West, North and South. Articles may also explore movements, themes, forms, the history of ideas, relations between authors, the foundations of criticism and theory, and issues of language and translation. Intermedial studies, such as film and literature or graphic novels, are also welcome as long as they adhere to the polyglot principles of comparative studies.

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Comparative Literature and Translation: A Cross-Cultural and Even-Zohar's inferences are not only of key importance to translation theory, but also in.


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