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Equity essentially means fairness. Our legal system is based on these rules and this area of law gave birth to the law of trusts. Trust law is a set of rules that have been established to regulate situations where one person places trust in another person to look after their affairs. This includes the way that charities are run or the way that money left to somebody in a will is governed.

Equity and Trusts

Equity and trusts is a unique branch of English law based on a body of principles made by the Courts of Chancery , that focusses on bringing balance to the legal system, particularly the Common Law. The law of trusts was constructed as an adjunct to the law of property , to tend to situations in which one person holds legal title to a property, but the courts decided it is fair, just or "equitable" that another person should benefit from the property. There is now an acknowledged division between legal and beneficial ownership: the legal owner is referred to as a "trustee" because he is "entrusted" with the property and the beneficial owner is the "beneficiary". The word "equity" normally suggests justice and fairness i. Up to , Equity was administered by the Court of Chancery, whilst the Common Law was administered in an entirely separate but parallel system of courts.

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This course builds on doctrines encountered in contracts, property and corporate and partnership law and assumes familiarity with them. You consider how and why equity developed; essential concepts and doctrines including fiduciary relationships and breach of confidence along with third party liability and equitable remedies. Trusts are equity's contribution to the law of property and their versatility means they remain important for estate planning, commercial and charitable purposes. You consider types of trusts, their creation and rights and obligations that follow from trusteeship. Students enrolled in this course should check the course Blackboard site to ensure that they are accessing the most recent approved version of the course outline. In this section.

Equity & Trusts

The separate body of law, developed in the Court of Chancery, which supplements, corrects, and controls the rules of common law. A device by which one person holds property for the benefit of another person. A trust imposes a personal equitable obligation upon a person trustee to deal with property for the benefit of another person or class of persons beneficiary or for the advancement of certain purposes, private or charitable. There must be sufficient certainty of intention, object, and subject matter. There are said to be three necessary elements of a trust: a trustee; the trust fund or trust property; and a beneficiary or object, particularly if the trust is for a charitable purpose It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older.

Proprietary + equitable rights = Rights in rem relating to things which are only enforceable in equity, e.g. freehold covenants; third party recipients of trust.

Equity and Trusts

The Principles of Equity is a compilation of essays from 20 authors, each an authority in their area, and edited by Patrick Parkinson. It presents the principles of equity in a clear, comprehensive and contemporary manner, for the use of both practitioners and students. Where appropriate, equitable principles have been considered together with statutory rules that cover much the same field of application. Out of print since , the title is now available as a high quality PDF.

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