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Pride & Prejudice and the Purpose of Marriage

Received 30 July ; revised 28 August ; accepted 28 October Jane Austen, one of women writers, was famous for her realistic writing style. Among her works, Pride and Prejudice is a world-famous masterpiece, in which she created four different marriages, and showed us her views on marriage. The views have some guiding significance to our modern women even now. Jane Austen was a famous realistic woman writer of late 18 th century and early 19 th century. Born in a clerical family and educated strictly, Jane Austen created six novels and three unfinished stories, during just 42 peaceful years, and was considered to be a prolific writer.

Jane Austen

The Langue and Parole Scientific Journal provides direct open access to its content with the principle that making research freely available to the public, supporting greater global exchange of knowledge. Jurnal Ilmiah Langue and Parole is an open access peer review peer review journal that publishes genuine articles or reviews. This journal focuses on Language, Literature and Linguistics. There is always discrimination against women in any field, as experienced by the main character Elizabeth Bennet in the novel Pride and Prejudice. Because women can not accept the inheritance from their fathers, therefore women are required to marry rich men to improve social class and economic life. Discrimination of women in the inheritance of wealth makes women have to struggle in finding rich men to marry. In the data analysis method the author performs a systematic procedure with a novel understanding, the main character of Elizabeth Bennet and also feminist theory, the technique used in this research is a structural technique by analyzing novels based on the elements that make up.

However, this novel is more than a simple love story. The monetary and social stability that the marriage offers women is more important than the compatibility of the spouses. Austen develops the plot to hint at a more considered view on marriage. In Pride and Prejudice , Jane Austen uses satire, characterization, and narrative voice to explore the vocational nature of marriage for women in her society. From the first line of Pride and Prejudice , the narrator reveals her satirical approach to matrimony. Bennet would not have to actively seek husbands for her five daughters.

B ennet was among the earliest of those who waited on Mr. Pride and Prejudice tells the story of fiercely independent Elizabeth Bennett, one of five sisters who must marry rich, as she confounds the arrogant, wealthy Mr. Pride and Prejudice became Jane Austen's second published novel and one of her most memorable works to modern audiences. English author Jane Austen has written it. Austen herself loved the book, calling it "my own darling child", and she was very fond of Elizabeth Bennet, the story's main character.

Before​reading ​Pride and Prejudice, ​research the life of Jane Austen: ○ Find at least one article about Jane Austen's life. ○ Print and annotate the article.

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Several scholars have examined the multifacetedness of this pedestrian theme: walks function as subtle modes of characterisation and satire; at times walking even serves as an emancipatory tool for the female characters. This crucial role of walking has not gone unnoticed by the numerous filmmakers and writers who have adapted and rewritten Pride and Prejudice in the past three decades. They adopt and foreground instances of transgressive female movement that are already present in her works, but equally undermine or even eradicate the spatial constraints faced by her heroines according to their contemporary agendas. Pidduck argues that.

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It is no difficult task to cull from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice passages reflecting the period's taste in art and employing a critical terminology made widely current throughout the eighteenth century by many formal discussions of aesthetics. After a song or two, and before she could reply to the entreaties of several that she would sing again, she was eagerly succeeded at the instrument by her sister Mary, who having, in consequence of being the only plain one in the family, worked hard for knowledge and accomplishments, was always impatient for display. Elizabeth, easy and unaffected, had been listened to with much more pleasure, though not playing half so well.

The seventh of eight children, she grew up in a happy and close-knit family, and the careers and families of her brothers two clergymen, two admirals, and one adopted by wealthy relations inform her stories. She started writing at a young age, and her juvenilia includes dramatic sketches, spoofs and poems. They remained single, supporting their mother after the death of their father in

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PDF | The research tries to look into depth the novel of Jane Austen, Pride According to eNotes, Jane Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice in ) and that the community is one of the novel's principal figures in his article “.


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The Project Gutenberg EBook of Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen Author: Jane Austen servants and all the articles of plate which Mr. Collins had.

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Courtship is relegated to the periphery of Sense and Sensibility , but it re-assumes a very central position in Pride and Prejudice.

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