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Sustainable cities, which are connected and optimised through the use of technology, are not only an unstoppable global phenomenon, they are also the only solution for containing and reducing the alarming environmental and socio-economic repercussions that urbanisation will have for our planet.

Cities nowadays face complex challenges to meet objectives regarding socio-economic development and quality of life. Based on an analysis of the current landscape of smart city pilot programmes, Future Internet experimentally-driven research and projects in the domain of Living Labs, common resources regarding research and innovation can be identified that can be shared in open innovation environments.

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Smarter Cities and Their Innovation Challenges Abstract: The transformation to smarter cities will require innovation in planning, management, and operations. Several ongoing projects around the world illustrate the opportunities and challenges of this transformation.

Smart city

Sustainable cities, which are connected and optimised through the use of technology, are not only an unstoppable global phenomenon, they are also the only solution for containing and reducing the alarming environmental and socio-economic repercussions that urbanisation will have for our planet.

We present the world's smartest cities. Singapore topped Juniper Research's annual list of the main smart cities for Every day more than , people move to a city to live. And they have done so by becoming smart cities or cities 4. The goal: to reduce energy consumption, reduce CO 2 emissions and increase the well-being of their inhabitants. What are the key points that turn a city into a smart city?

Sensors on street lamps to measure air quality or optimise electricity consumption, the installation of photovoltaic panels on traffic lights or traffic signs, digital monitoring of containers to improve waste collection, smart water and electricity meters and the promotion of electric vehicles and cycling are just some of the real measures already being taken to reduce the consumption of natural resources.

According to the Smart City Index, produced in by consulting firm Juniper Research and technology giant Intel, these are the five smartest and most efficient cities on the planet in terms of mobility, health, safety and productivity:. This is the case for Masdar Dubai , a totally sustainable eco-city without cars; Dongtan, near Shanghai, where only renewable energy will be used and almost all the waste generated will be recycled; and Apern which, just 14 kilometres from Vienna, will include sustainable buildings and mobility systems, efficient use of renewable energy resources and urban agriculture.

Various studies estimate that by , smart cities activity will have a turnover of approximately 1. This figure is an unequivocal sign that investment in and commitment to this type of urban environment will continue to grow exponentially over the coming years.

We present the world's most sustainable cities. Smart urban mobility. Energy efficiency in buildings. Skip to main content. Share in Twitter. Share in Facebook. Whatsapp Whatsapp. Smart cities: the technological revolution reaches the cities Sustainable cities, which are connected and optimised through the use of technology, are not only an unstoppable global phenomenon, they are also the only solution for containing and reducing the alarming environmental and socio-economic repercussions that urbanisation will have for our planet.

London is once again on the podium as one the best smart cities. New York continues to be a reference among smart cities. San Francisco is the most sustainable smart city in America. Chicago has entered the list of the best smart cities.

Building automation and control. Efficient urban planning. Urban mobility and sustainable public transport. Smart solid waste management. Improving environmental sustainability. Concern for the social environment. Technologies applied to education. Technologies applied to health. E-commerce system. Transparency between governments and citizens. Shared data: open data. This island city leads the ranking as it has been able to implement some measures as cutting-edge as: smart traffic control solutions — with a system that allows drivers to save up to 60 hours a year — autonomous taxis driver-less , smart video surveillance to detect criminal activity and Smart Health TeleRehab, a program that allows all senior citizens to have special devices that allow medical consultations at any time.

The British capital, the only European city in this top 5, has equipped all the streets in the Westminster district with infra-red sensors that, through an app, alert users to the availability of parking spaces. The epicentre of the world economy has installed sensors at traffic lights and in buses to decongest traffic in the Big Apple.

Mobility is the Golden Gate city's biggest problem. In order to reduce traffic and pollution, they have opted for autonomous electric transport and for a fleet of public vehicles. More than sensors have turned this metropolis into a smart region: its traffic lights, street lighting and rubbish containers are all connected to the internet. Did you find it interesting?

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What do we mean by smart cities? What lies behind the plethora of different views and examples? Going against those who address these issues by conceptualising cities resilient, living, reflexive, optimised, etc. The profusion of optimistic views, success stories and marketing operations singing the praises of smart cities call for clarification of the challenges of this project and the conditions for its success. The aim of this study is to lift this veil using data, the building blocks of smart cities, in order to better understand the key questions that condition or will condition the contribution of digital technologies to urban sustainability.

Request PDF | Smarter Cities and Their Innovation Challenges | The transformation to smarter cities will require innovation in planning.

Smarter Cities and Their Innovation Challenges

The inaugural Smart Cities Investment Forum, hosted by Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand, gathered stakeholders from the investment community, government, academia and technology and advisory companies in March to exchange ideas on a topic rarely discussed — smart cities investment. Intermediate version Smart City Guidance package, version 3. As this growth continues, one of the most important Smart City is a currently developing concept and initiative, and the frameworks that each stakeholder has in mind may differ among Smart Cities. E July 11, : Rs. Connected applications put real-time, transparent information into the hands of users to help them make better choices.

Please Log in or Register. Smart city development requires not only technological enablers but also a new way of thinking among cities, businesses, citizens and academia which includes key development stakeholders. The recent emergence of the concept of 'smart cities' presents challenges to city administrators for planning, managing, and governing modern cities in the digital age. Research on smart cities tends to focus on the attributes of cities at a more developed stage, instead this article departs from that trend by discussing an aspiring smart city in a small-island developing country. The purpose of the study is to examine the steps required for building a smart city against a background of the concept of smart cities, taken in the context of an empirical study of an aspiring small smart city.

Smart Cities: Issues and Challenges

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Smart Cities and the Future Internet: Towards Cooperation Frameworks for Open Innovation


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