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Weeks productively engages with a wide variety of theories and literature, deftly ranging from David Harvey, to Moishe Postone, to Max Weber, to Betty Friedan, to science fiction, to Marx and others too numerous to name. Weeks situates Dalla Costa in the Autonomous Marxist tradition.

The Problem with Work: Feminism, Marxism, Antiwork Politics, and Postwork Imaginaries

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One of the most important tasks for contemporary feminist theory is to develop a concept of the subject able to meet the challenges facing feminist politics. Although theorists in the s raised the problem of feminist subjectivity, Kathi Weeks contends that the limited nature of that discussion now blocks the further development of feminist theory. While the problems of an already constituted essentialist subject have become patent, what remains as an ongoing project, Weeks contends, is a theory of the constitution of subjects capable of explaining the processes of social construction. This book presents one such account. Drawing on a number of different theoretical frameworks, including feminist standpoint theory, socialist feminism, and poststructuralist thought, as well as theories of peformativity and self-valorization, the author proposes a nonessential feminist subject—a theory of constituting subjects. I really loved reading this book.

Contact Newsletter. Newsletter Sign in for news and special offers information. On-line access. Your basket. The Problem with Work. In The Problem with Work , Kathi Weeks boldly challenges the presupposition that work, or waged labor, is inherently a social and political good.

Weeks, Kathi 1958-

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Having Children Won’t Fix You: A Socialist Feminist Response to Connor Kilpatrick

Weeks, Kathi Overview. Publication Timeline. Most widely held works by Kathi Weeks.

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